Sean Penn is Jim Terrier in “The Gunman”, which opened Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOE ALBLAS/OPEN ROAD FILMS

REVIEW: Butch “Gunman” can’t be sensitive type, too

Of the approximately 20 film critics who attended the screening for Pierre Morel’s “The Gunman,” only one was a woman. This serves as an excellent suggestion of the film’s target (excuse the pun) audience. “The Gunman” is a man’s movie, so much so that if Ernest Hemingway were alive and writing movie scripts, he would most likely concoct one similar […]

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Boston University alternative service break participants take a break during volunteering in Hobe Sound, Florida last week. PHOTO BY MICHAEL DESOCIO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

To ASB coordinators, vacation not all that’s ever wanted

During spring break, many Boston University students participated in the Community Service Center’s Alternative Service Break trips, where they dedicated their time to volunteering in locations around the United States and Puerto Rico. These trips, despite their service-based goals, have recently drawn a lot of controversy in the media. Critics have referred to these acts of “voluntourism” in negative ways, […]

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New tech firm The Sync Project, which will use music as therapy, debuted Tuesday at South by Southwest. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Music therapy key in setting tone for treatments, experts note

Music is widely regarded as a form of art and entertainment. What may be less apparent, however, is music’s value in treating medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and Parkinson’s disease. Though music therapy is not an entirely new concept, it has made great strides in recent years, aided by research and technological advancements. Boston-based companies, such as the […]

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Despite the company's financial trouble in recent years, ringmaster John Kennedy Kane remains optimistic that Big Apple Circus's newest show will draw families back into the tent. GRAPHIC BY ERICA MAYBAUM/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

New circus show juggles waning market, elephantine ambition

The circus, with its large tents, clowns, crowds of people and acrobats, is not an experience that would generally be described as intimate. However, the Big Apple Circus is trying to change that with their new show, “Metamorphosis,” opening outside Boston City Hall Plaza on Tuesday. “From the minute you come in, you realize it’s going to be a different […]

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Rory Cuddyer is heading Boston’s StartHub initiative to support start-ups in the city. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CITY OF BOSTON

StartHub boss’s business starts with Boston business

Boston is the start-up community’s new Petri dish. The many successful students and companies that make up the city of Boston already provide for an environment designed for start-up innovation, and now, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh has added his bit to the mix. Enter StartHub, the entrepreneurship program that’s aiming to be local start-ups’ connection to City Hall. Walsh has […]

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Chantal Noble Haldorsen is an area finance manager for EMC Corporation and vice president of a chapter of the company’s Women’s Leadership Forum. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANTAL NOBLE HALDORSEN

INTERVIEW: EMC’s Haldorsen on helping others up the ladder

In the five years since her graduation from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Chantal Noble Haldorsen has made significant strides in both operations and financial management. Scoring a job at EMC Corporation directly out of college, she started out as an analyst working long hours in the company’s Hopkinton headquarters. The Daily Free Press spoke to Haldorsen about […]

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Boston University Nutrition Club members make healthy pizza as part of National Nutrition Month. PHOTO COURTESY OF SARAH WU

With ‘healthy pizza,’ BU Nutrition Club makes eating well look easy, cheesy

As spring break comes to an end, summer rapidly approaches and the end-of-semester slump sets in, the Boston University Nutrition Club sees the perfect opportunity to continue its efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire BU community. Beginning their month-long series of classes and demonstrations in honor of National Nutrition Month, which kicked off at the start of March, […]

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Boston company MassChallenge opened a new "maker space" Tuesday equipped with 3D printers and other hardware to accommodate start-ups working with the company. PHOTO COURTESY OF MATT MURPHY

From makers of MassChallenge, MADE@ making makers make more

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of launching a tech venture is finding something physical to show for it. To address this problem, on March 10, startup accelerator MassChallenge launched its hardware “makerspace” called MADE@ to facilitate designing and prototyping for hardware start-ups. The 5,000-square-foot space, located in the Seaport District, will be accessible to alumni of the MassChallenge program, future […]

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Amsterdam Falafelshop, a falafel chain based out of Washington, D.C., opened its newest restaurant in Kenmore Square Friday. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Amsterdam Falafelshop spices up Kenmore Square

Any Boston University student can step outside their dorm, and it’s likely that they’ll find at least one option for pizza, burgers, burritos and sushi within walking distance. But there’s only so many times a semester students can frequent their favorite takeout joints before their taste buds will start crying out for help. The best cure for that may be […]

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“Cinderella,” starring Lily James as Ella, premiered Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF WALT DISNEY PICTURES

REVIEW: Midnight no concern for timeless “Cinderella” reboot

A classic since its release in 1950, Cinderella lives up to the taste of the modern viewer of all types. In this latest live action adaptation, Kenneth Branagh’s “Cinderella” is brought out of the animated world and into the real one. The film features Lily James in what might be her defining role, as the pitied protagonist turned princess. The […]

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