Melissa McCarthy delivers nonstop laughs as Michelle, a mogul convicted of insider trading, in her new comedy, “The Boss.” The film opens Friday. PHOTO COURTESY UNIVERSAL PICTURES

REVIEW: Melissa McCarthy is “The Boss” of genuine laughter

I don’t usually like cinematic comedy. Or rather, I don’t like what it’s become. There seems to be a notion shared among the Hollywood executives that comedy is whatever gross-out, lowbrow, simplistic humor the likes of Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen can cram down the collective throats of their viewers, taking us all for idiots and making millions of dollars […]

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The new sci-fi action film “Hardcore Henry,” opening Friday, employs unconventional filming techniques by filming the entire movie on a GoPro camera. PHOTO COURTESY STX ENTERTAINMENT

REVIEW: “Hardcore Henry” offers unique, first-person perspective

It was difficult not to instinctively reach for a video game controller through the duration of Ilya Naishuller’s debut feature film, “Hardcore Henry.” The movie, entirely shot in the first person, is reminiscent of the countless first-person shooter video games, and it’s as much fun as holding a controller — just don’t expect a great story. The film begins with […]

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Back Bay Harry’s will host a "Kanye West versus Taylor Swift" themed brunch Sunday. PHOTO BY LEXI PLINE/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

PREVIEW: Back Bay Harry’s serving up “Bad Blood” at Kanye vs. Taylor brunch

Celebrity-themed brunches are back at Back Bay Harry’s. The popular Berkeley Street restaurant will host the ultimate brunch battle, pitting Kanye West and Taylor Swift against each other. The seven-year-old rivalry is as controversial as ever with this brunch showdown arriving in the wake of West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo,” which references Swift in the song “Famous.” The […]

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Regina Snowden, a 1991 BU School of Social Work graduate and founder of Partners for Youth with Disabilities, stands with former ABC 5 anchor Pam Cross and former Dean and Professor of BU SSW Hubie Jones. PHOTO COURTESY NICOLE MALO

TERRIERS INBIZ: Regina Snowden on advocating for disabled youth

Terriers InBiz is a series that highlights Boston University alumni who have been innovative leaders in their field and have played a significant role in businesses, locally or globally. After graduating from Anderson University in 1970 and before entering Boston University’s School of Social Work, Regina Snowden had already created her own business. The social justice advocate for young people […]

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A member of BU Jalwa, a co-ed dance team that practices hip-hop, Bollywood, Bhangra, contemporary and charisma dance, practices for the national competition in Ohio this weekend in the Sargent Activities Center Gym Tuesday evening. PHOTO BY BRITTANY CHANG/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

BU Jalwa dances to nationals, proves practice pays off

During the endless hours that the Boston University Jalwa team spends in practice a semester, there is always something else that its members “should” be doing — lab reports, problem sets, job applications, sleeping. But instead, they spend much of their time in practice, recovering from practice or talking about practice. After a successful season of placing in three competitions […]

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Irene Li represents Asian-American fusion restaurant Mei Mei at the IDEATE event, presented by Branchfood Monday evening at Community Work Services in the West End. PHOTO COURTESY SONYA HIGHFIELD

IDEATE reveals current trends, obstacles of food industry

A snowstorm was brewing Monday, but the cold didn’t stop a multitude of Boston restaurant industry insiders from gathering for Branchfood’s innovation event, IDEATE. Partnering with Community Work Services, Branchfood brought together entrepreneurs, chefs and investors to discuss the current state of the industry and its biggest obstacles. Sam Hiersteiner, a writer for Complex’s food blog, First We Feast, moderated […]

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A study released Friday by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center found that the more coffee people drink, the lower they risk developing colorectal cancer. PHOTO BY ADRIANA DIAZ/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Coffee linked to lower risk of colorectal cancer, researchers find

Whether it’s consumed to invigorate the body or to provide warmth on a chilly afternoon, coffee has been an essential staple in one’s daily routine. Its consumption is also linked to health benefits such as the decreased risk of getting colorectal cancer, according to a paper published Friday by a University of Southern California research team. The study, “Coffee Consumption […]

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The Wicked Queer, an LGBT film festival, features 29 independent films screened at seven theaters across the city. The Boston festival began Thursday and runs until Sunday. GRAPHIC BY RACHEL CHMIELINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Rebranded Wicked Queer film festival emphasizes shift in LGBT dialogue

Boston’s annual LGBT film festival is back, and this time, it’s Wicked Queer. The festival, which began Thursday and runs through April 10, has played under a wide range of titles throughout its history. Known as the Boston LGBT Film Festival until 2015 — and before that, the long-winded Boston Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival — the event […]

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Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir react to the ice sculptures modeled after them. PHOTO COURTESY BRIAN BABINEAU/TD GARDEN

INTERVIEW: Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir axel for joy over World Figure Skating Championships

In celebration of this year’s International Skating Union World Figure Skating Championships, NBC figure skating analysts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir arrived in Boston to unveil their very own ice sculptures Thursday at the Frost Ice Loft in Faneuil Hall, a fitting welcome for two who have spent so much time on the ice. It wasn’t the first time Boston has had […]

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The research conducted by University of Guelph Professor Geoff Power found that the “secret” to strength in old age is a dedication to fitness earlier in life. PHOTO BY CARLY WILLING/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Expecting mothers’ exercise affects children’s physical activity, study finds

Expecting mothers can promote future physical activity in their unborn children’s adult lives by exercising, according to a Baylor College of Medicine study published Thursday in the journal Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Robert Waterland, a BCM professor specializing in both pediatric nutrition and genetics, led the study, which measured the amount of movement exhibited by the mother […]

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