Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ gives gloomy portrayal of ‘60s folk movement

Inside Llewyn Davis will not cause anyone any mental distress. It won’t blow anyone away or garner a standing ovation in the theater. It’s just not that kind of movie. However, its characters, themes and moods will silently creep into your everyday life. Like the freeloading titular character, this bitter and melancholy tale will linger far […]

Disney’s ‘Frozen’: A frosty fairytale with feminist twist

Three years ago, it would have been ridiculous for Rapunzel and her compatriots to dream of a white Christmas. The animators behind 2010’s Tangled had enough on their hands working out the intricacies of creating strand upon strand of lifelike hair for the movie’s long-locked princess before they could even dream of creating something as […]

Learning by way of the stage

Diversifying the college experience through the performing arts Kathryn Vaz, now a College of Communication sophomore, took art classes every year during high school. She was vice president of the drama club and participated in countless state-wide acting competitions. She even started her high school’s photography club. However, Vaz said she chose to major in […]

REVIEW: Film “Philomena” breaks cliché movie mold with great expertise

It sounds like it could be a cliché, but Philomena, directed by Stephen Frears, by no means fits into this mold. In fact, Philomena breaks the mold. The British film is based on Martin Sixsmith’s book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, a true story from which much of the film’s screenplay is drawn. Starring […]

The FreeD: Creativity without compromise

New milling tool developed by MIT researchers may have wide implications in oil, art and medical industries Feeling artsy? Unable to create anything more than stick figures? Well, you just might be able to achieve years of sculpting experience in minutes with a new technology created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media […]