Friday, April 25, 2014
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‘Hippie Chic’: MFA offers peace and love to students

A young woman with blonde, flowing hair, a crown of daisies, a floor-length skirt and a denim vest carefully climbed into the front seat of the 1974 Volkswagen bus. As she opened the door, the faces of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and Jim Morrison stared ahead from the walls of the bus. Flashing a peace […]

REVIEW: What Dreams May Come Tour (J. Cole with Wale, and opening acts Bas & Vic Mensa)

As someone who was often referred to as the future of rap music and the second coming of Nas, J. Cole endures his fair share of flack nowadays. Constantly the butt of jokes on blogs and in social media, the man born Jermaine Cole is often buried in the criticism of others who call his […]

INTERVIEW: Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks porn, objectification and Don Jon

Many women, either in stubborn denial or incredulous morality, contend to their dying breath that “their man” positively does not watch porn. And with perhaps an even stronger resolve, most women unequivocally agree that there is one wholesome seraphic who absolutely does not degrade himself in erotica: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With the announcement of heartthrob Gordon-Levitt’s […]

Turkey: A summer of protests

At 7 p.m., people left work. By 8 p.m., people walked in the streets. By 2 a.m. they went home. It was becoming a routine, Ali Uslu explained as he sat in the George Sherman Union. However, Uslu, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, was not describing the typical Friday night in Boston. He was describing the routine he found […]

Catching Z’s keeps you beautiful

Researchers at the University of Michigan prove “beauty sleep” is, in fact, real Great news, guys. Not only is sleep one of the most heavenly, sought-after scarcities of the college scene, but it turns out “beauty sleep” is a real thing. Dr. Ronald Chervin of the University of Michigan recently spearheaded a study using sleep […]