Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Gravity: Groundbreaking 3D at last

Within the first 15 minutes of Gravity, as the camera slowly floats toward Dr. Stone (Sandra Bullock), the viewer may experience that fine moment when the action feels tangible — except, for him or her, it is in three dimensions. The camera does not cut for what seems like an impossibly long time. The screen between […]

San Diego surf rock makes big Wavves at the Sinclair

On a cool autumn night in Cambridge, the audience at The Sinclair was transported to a never-ending California summer when Wavves performed their set. As the clock struck 11 p.m. Tuesday, the large crowd huddled even tighter as it waited for a glimpse of the headliner. At first glance, it was a surprisingly diverse audience […]

Dance Showcase 2013 shines spotlight on BU talent

The Boston University Dance Theater was full of movement Friday and Saturday when BU’s dance program held its Dance Showcase 2013 at the Buick Street theater. The showcase included 10 pieces, four of which were premieres. It featured the work of several experienced choreographers and dancers, some of whom were resident faculty, and others who were guests of the […]

MGMT: Trippy kings release third perfectly bizarre album

If I met the members of MGMT personally, I would first spit in their faces. Then I would thank them for making such weird music. I suppose I should be more grateful — MGMT is such a massive improvement as an album over 2010’s aimless and depressing Congratulations, which, despite some excellent tunes, was weighed down by terrible […]

No age limits for learning

Senior citizens hit the books with BU’s Evergreen program Sitting in a lecture hall in the Kenmore Classroom Building, Neil Glazer listens to the professor discuss the fall of the Ottoman Empire on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He is taking notes by hand, while the majority of the students in the classroom type on their laptops. Neil is also […]