Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Absence of confidence kills cat: Jagwar Ma at Sinclair

When Jagwar Ma performed at The Sinclair in Cambridge on Tuesday evening , it should have been a party. Their debut Howlin’ , one the most well-rounded releases of 2013, radiated every good thing about indie dance-pop. For such beautiful song-makers, especially ones who create such upbeat electropop, you would expect Jagwar Ma to put […]

So you think you can dance?: BU Hip-Hop hosts break dancing event on campus

More than 20 individuals of varying size, age and gender breathed life into the squeaky-floored dance studio at the Student Activities Office on Saturday evening, inhaling and exhaling to the rhythm of hip-hop and stomping feet. Despite a rather modest attendance, Boston University Hip-Hop’s inaugural “Pillar Event,” the first in a series of four this semester, […]

The Day of the Locust: Adam Aries immortalized in photography showcase

Though Adam Aries, also known by friends as “Zidney Fiendish,” died suddenly in his sleep three years ago, his memory was kept alive at the Middle East Restaurant in Cambridge. Photographs of Aries hung throughout the venue on Feb. 8, the last night of the exhibit, depicting the last decade of his life in a […]

INTERVIEW: Comedian Braunohler doesn’t care what you think

Kurt Braunohler is best described through his actions, some of which involve animal racing and street riots. In 2003, Braunohler and friend Matt Murphy staged a “Quarter Mile Marathon” in lower Manhattan, pitting “Chengwin,” a nine-foot tall cross between a chicken and a penguin, against his evil half brother “Chunk” (half-chicken, half-skunk). Chunk, played by […]

BU Hip-Hop releases mixtape ‘The Ill Rhettoric’ with boisterous clarity, throws listening party

Room 906 of the Photonics Center filled up surprisingly quickly this past Friday. Boston University Hip-Hop is popular, but the large turnout for something as simple as a listening party is unusual. Despite the gathering crowd, the buzz in the room was awkward, nervous. “People, especially newcomers, are really unsure about it,” said BUHH President Blair […]