Joseph Dwyer’s “Listeners," Emily Sheehan’s “Adaptation” and Wes Palmer’s “You Are Here” took home the top awards at the 36th annual 2016 Redstone Film Festival. PHOTO COURTESY JUSTIN SAGLIO

REVIEW: Redstone Film Festival showcases COM’s talent, Hollywood’s future

The 36th Redstone Film Festival showcased this year’s best films from Boston University’s Department of Film and Television on Friday. Sponsored each spring by Sumner Redstone, chairman of VIACOM, the festival celebrates the best that BU’s graduate and undergraduate program has to offer. Great screenwriters, directors, producers and filmmakers of all kinds have been through Boston University’s College of Communication. […]

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Gwen Stefani’s third album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” was inspired by her failed marriage. It was released Friday. COURTESY JASON H. SMITH/FLICKR

REVIEW: Gwen Stefani hollas back truth with new album

Gwen Stefani, the long-reigning pouty queen of the mainstream, released her latest album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” on Friday. The album has a manufactured feel, like an airbrushed photograph, that makes us miss the goofy, raw talent that is quintessentially Gwen. Stefani is displayed on the album cover with her trademark Blondie scowl and Marilyn Monroe-inspired look. […]

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Iggy Pop’s secretly recorded album, “Post Pop Depression,” was released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA

REVIEW: Iggy Pop shares lively musical passion with “Post Pop Depression”

In 2003, something great happened for the world of punk rock and garage rock — the Stooges reunited. On Friday, 68-year-old Stooges vocalist and entertainment mastermind Iggy Pop released a new album, aptly titled “Post Pop Depression.” James Newell Osterberg Jr., as only his birth certificate or relatives might refer to him, has become an image of proto-punk rock unpredictability […]

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You get what you pay for at Cocobeet, with their blended strawberry and banana bowl topped with vanilla maple granola. PHOTO BY MICHAELA JOHNSTON/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

FreeP vs. Food: Acai Bowls

In search of a refreshing start to the day, college students began to take notice of one of the latest health trends — acai bowls. With an exotic tang, fresh fruit and a perfect Instagram aesthetic, acai bowls manage to satisfy a sweet tooth while simultaneously providing an array of health benefits, or so we’ve heard. To get a taste [...]
Funnyman Kyle Kinane, best known for his many appearances on Comedy Central, performed at the Royale Sunday night as part of his “Shooting For Third” tour with Shane Torres. PHOTO COURTESY MOSES ROBINSON/PITCH PERFECT

REVIEW: Kyle Kinane’s comedy melds immaturity, subtle wisdom

It’s an interesting cultural moment for the man-child, and this was only proven further by Kyle Kinane’s Sunday comedy set at the Royale. The mid-2000s, with the sudden omnipresence of the Judd Apatow brand in both film and television, was a period of pop culture revival for the adult male slacker. Of course, this archetype was never off the radar […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s new spy action-comedy “The Brothers Grimsby” is about Nobby (Cohen) and his adventures with his brother, and M16 agent, Sebastian (Mark Strong). The film opened nationwide on Friday. PHOTO COURTESY SONY PICTURES

INTERVIEW: Sacha Baron Cohen delivers outrageous comedy, unusual action

“The Brothers Grimsby,” the latest from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, is a comedy-action movie about a pair of orphaned twins who get separated at a young age. Sebastian (Mark Strong), the younger brother, becomes the top agent for British Intelligence while Nobby (Baron Cohen), is a soccer hooligan. Nobby searches his whole life for his brother and finds him while […]

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Cate Blanchett stars as Nancy and Christian Bale as Rick in Terrence Malick’s drama “Knight of Cups,” which opened at Kendall Square Cinema Friday as part of a limited release. PHOTO COURTESY MELINDA SUE GORDON/BROAD GREEN PICTURES

REVIEW: “Knight of Cups” courts unorthodox, unforgettable style

Konstantin Treplev would’ve loved Terrence Malick. Treplev, a young, brooding playwright, spends much of “The Seagull” — the Anton Chekhov play of which he’s the focus — lamenting that there are no “new forms” of art that might allow observers a novel worldly perspective and incite them to change their ways of life. Because “The Seagull” is a Chekhov play, […]

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Baltimore dream pop band Beach House performed a sold-out show Friday at the House of Blues. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA

REVIEW: Beach House conjures sad dreams at House of Blues

“If you’re in a spot that’s too brightly lit, you can walk to the darkness,” Beach House singer and keyboardist Victoria Legrand said during the duo’s concert Friday night at the House of Blues. “The darkness is always right there.” Beach House’s music exists in an ambivalent place between light and dark, where joy and melancholy commingle. Like a lovely […]

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The first episode of Ellen Page’s new Viceland show “Gaycation” about her exploration of LGBT culture across the globe premiered Wednesday. PHOTO COURTESY VICELAND

REVIEW: “Gaycation” explores LGBT culture around world, despite flaws

In 2016, making a show centered on LGBT people isn’t exactly revolutionary. We’ve had dramas like “Queer as Folk” and “Orange Is the New Black,” and reality shows like “Queer Eye” and “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.” But none of those necessarily depict the actual reality of what it’s like to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. Moreover, […]

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Tony Award-winner Kelli O'Hara performed Broadway hits at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge Sunday night as part of her first engagement with Celebrity Series of Boston. PHOTO COURTESY CELEBRITY SERIES OF BOSTON

REVIEW: Kelli O’Hara graces audience with angelic vocals

Tony-award winner Kelli O’Hara ventured north of the Great White Way Sunday night to perform Broadway favorites to a packed Sanders Theatre in Cambridge. Although she is accustomed to performing eight shows a week, this particular show was a little more nerve-wracking — she had recently contracted laryngitis. “I’m going to try not to focus on [my laryngitis],” she said. […]

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