At the fifth annual "Smoke This" Rib Fest organized by the East Cambridge Business Association, hungry patrons were met with rib selections from local restaurants, as well as live music from local performers. PHOTO BY FRED SCHILLINGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

‘Smoke This’ Rib Festival kicks off autumn with a summer favorite

The autumnal weather recently has served as a bittersweet reminder that the days of summer are […]

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Combat, an annual 24-hour theater event involving Liquid Fun, BU On Broadway, Wandering Minds and BU Stage Troupe, took on a Halloween theme for this year's performances. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS CONTRIBUTOR

Annual 24-hour theater event Combat takes Halloween twist, provides bonding experience

Boston University’s premiere performance groups are admired for the musicals, plays and improvisations they bring to […]

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In testing a demo of the new "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS," the Boston University Video Game society felt mostly positive about the changes made to this iteration of the adored franchise. PHOTO VIA BAGO GAMES/CREATIVE COMMONS

BU Video Game Society finds pleasing mix of old, new in ‘Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS’

Nintendo quenched the fandom’s endless thirst for battling mascots on Friday when it released “Super Smash […]

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"The Room," labeled "the 'Citizen Kane' of bad movies" by Entertainment Weekly, screens on a monthly basis at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline. SCREEN CAPTURE VIA COOLIDGE.ORG

‘You’re all here for a terrible film': A first-time viewer’s take on ‘The Room’

“PS if you have plastic spoons, bring them tomorrow.” That is what the text on my […]

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Despite its award-winning cast and interesting premise, "Good People" suffers from a lack of heart. PHOTO COURTESY OF MILLENNIUM ENTERTAINMENT

Moody action thriller ‘Good People’ is all flash, no substance

It’s OK to say no, James Franco. Really. People will understand. You apparently thrive on doing […]

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Downtown Boston has organized an urban apple orchard in the lobby of the hotel, which features apples, pastries, donuts, and apple cider¬¬. PHOTO COURTESY OF RITZ-CARLTON

Ritz-Carlton urban orchard brings rural fall favorite to city dwellers

As fall approaches the breezy streets of Boston, students and residents all over the city are […]

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Although they're only around for a limited time, pumpkin beers provide some spice in the chill of autumn months. PHOTO BY TIM MCGRATH/CREATIVE COMMONS

Pumpking of beers: The Muse guide to seasonal pumpkin beers for fall

With the changing of the seasons comes a change at your favorite bar. Seasonal beers are […]

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FOX's new show "Gotham" revisits the Batman origin story, this time as told from the eyes of Gotham City Police Department Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie. PHOTO COURTESY OF FOX TV

REVIEW: Batman begins again with strong characters on FOX’s ‘Gotham’

Superheroes are kind of a big thing right now. They’ve already conquered the movie market and […]

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Fan Boy Food Truck is a new addition to the BU dining scene, serving Asian fusion food at three different locations on campus. PHOTO BY EVAN JONES/DAILY FREE PRESS CONTRIBUTOR

REVIEW: Not a ‘fan boy’ of new Asian campus food truck

As I walked toward the Fan Boy Food Truck location in South Campus, my stomach and […]

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Despite having different experiences than his onscreen character, “Boyhood” star Ellar Coltrane connected to the universal ideas of growing up. PHOTO COURTESY OF IFC FILMS

INTERVIEW: Ellar Coltrane finds some of himself in his ‘Boyhood’ character

Ellar Coltrane uses a flip phone. The star of “Boyhood,” whose entire maturation process is seen […]

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