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Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee performs at the Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville on Thursday. PHOTO BY DEVON CAPIZZI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Indie-folk band Waxahatchee delivers sparkling vocals at Center for Arts at the Armory

On Thursday, the Center for Arts at the Armory welcomed Waxahatchee, an indie-folk band out of Birmingham, Alabama, to its intimate concert hall. Located just a mile from the Davis Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority station, the Arts at the Armory stands tall with its bleached cylindrical towers and large wooden doors. Originally, the concert hall played host to the Massachusetts […]

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Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a former NASA test pilot and engineer tasked with finding a new habitable planet in Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES

REVIEW: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ finds answers in infinity

To be perfectly honest, if you plan to see “Interstellar” – and you’ve probably been planning to see it since Batman retired – then you owe it to yourself not to read another word of this. Make like your friend who doesn’t watch trailers and go in knowing as little as possible. The movie carries on that noble lineage of […]

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Sabroso Taqueria serves a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine, including the "Burrito Grande," which contains cheese, rice, beans, pico de gallo, hot sauce, crema, guacamole and a choice of chicken, steak, carnitas or shrimp. PHOTO BY TAFI MUKUNYADZI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Sabroso Taqueria burrito, taco stand reopens as restaurant in Financial District

Among the tall office buildings that make up the business landscape of Boston’s Financial District, it can be easy to walk by a restaurant that is as tucked away as Sabroso Taqueria. Luckily, a clean white square sign with a bright red jalapeño pepper emblazoned in the middle hangs from a light post to show the way to Sabroso Taqueria […]

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Rapper Mykki Blanco released his second mixtape, "Gay Dog Food," on Oct. 28. PHOTO COURTESY OF MYKKI BLANCO

REVIEW: Rapper Mykki Blanco creates irresistible ‘audible hangover’ with ‘Gay Dog Food’

I don’t know if Mykki Blanco wants me to take off my clothes in the middle of the dance floor, lead an uprising against Valley-Girl zombies or participate in a queer satanic ritual. After listening to the rapper’s latest mixtape, “Gay Dog Food,” I feel a bizarre desire to do whatever he says. But let me be clear — nothing […]

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Isabella Walpole (COM ’15), Kyle Tague (COM ’16), Kyle Mitchell (CAS ’16) and Emily Prescott (CAS/SED ‘16) perform as Honey, Nick, George and Martha in Boston University Stage Troupe's production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Saturday night at the Agganis Student Theater. PHOTO BY OLIVIA NADEL/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: BU Stage Troupe brings passion, detail to “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, the Boston University Stage Troupe put on a production of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” The show shares an intense interest with its titular modernist author in revealing the emotional truth that hides behind illusion. “Virginia Woolf” is infamous among theater fans for being an incredibly complex and thought-provoking work of art, […]

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Keira Knightley and Mark Webber star as female "man-child" Megan and her devoted longtime boyfriend, Anthony, in "Laggies," released Oct. 24. PHOTO COURTESY OF A24 FILMS

REVIEW: “Laggies” subverts stereotypes, struggles with bigger picture

In recent years, popular cinema has latched onto the concept of the “man child,” a man old enough to have at least a start on a permanent career or a family, but who instead lacks any post-pubescent mental or emotional maturity and does essentially nothing to further themselves (see: “Step Brothers,” “Knocked Up,” “Pineapple Express” or essentially any Seth Rogen […]

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Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Louis Bloom, a Los Angeles man who becomes involved in videotaping violent crimes and selling the videos for profit in "Nightcrawler," released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF OPEN ROAD FILMS

REVIEW: The abyss stares back in unsettling “Nightcrawler”

“Nightcrawler” embarks on a journey through darkness, even as it’s set in the city of eternal light pollution, Los Angeles. The camera lingers on the LA monuments, resting on landmarks chopped up by shadow, frequently landing on shots of large broadcast towers dominating the horizon: the ever-present news culture dominating thought. It’s a concept that endures throughout the film, released […]

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Amy Poehler speaks with Kathy Dalton, her high school English teacher, at an event to promote the release of her new book, "Yes Please," at the Back Bay Events Center on Wednesday. PHOTO BY SONIA RAO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Amy Poehler offers career advice, plenty of laughs at Boston book tour date

“It’s really difficult to write a memoir because I don’t want people to know my shit!” That isn’t really something one would expect a public figure like Amy Poehler to say. In a world that likes to assume that celebrities live their lives fully on display, the exclamation made me realize something: This woman is real. On Wednesday night, the […]

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Formerly occupied by Cutty’s, a pop-up sandwich shop in Brookline, Bagelsaurus opened its first brick and mortar on Oct. 23 in Porter Square. PHOTO BY LAURA PORECCA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Former pop-up Bagelsaurus opens brick and mortar in Porter Square

Not all dinosaurs are extinct. In Boston, the Bagelsaurus is alive and well. Housed on Massachusetts Avenue near the Harvard University campus, the former bagel pop-up shop opened its first brick and mortar on Oct. 23 in Porter Square. At first glance, the shop may go unnoticed due to the lack of signage on the front of the building. But […]

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Keanu Reeves plays a retired hitman making a comeback in "John Wick," released Oct. 24. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID LEE/LIONSGATE

REVIEW: Deliciously ridiculous “John Wick” showcases star Keanu Reeves at action-packed best

After watching the trailer for “John Wick,” I knew the film would have to work pretty hard for me to dislike it. It would need stoic self-importance, à la “The Last Airbender,” the kind of joyless seriousness it’s impossible to even make fun of. Personally, I hoped that “John Wick” would have the same madcap tone of ridiculousness set by […]

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