Saturday, April 19, 2014
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INTERVIEW: Bad Words from good guy Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman isn’t a bad guy at all. He doesn’t even play one on TV. For a few years about a decade ago, his beleaguered Michael Bluth on Fox’s Arrested Development went to near-superhuman lengths to remain “a good guy.” But deep down, something sinister smoldered. The bad guy needed a turn. “We all have this guy […]

Oui really love Kinesha Goldson’s Cameo Macaron

Kinesha Goldson is, quite literally, in the pink of things. As the founder of Cameo Macaron, Goldson is making her mark in the food truck industry with her 1,300-person social media following and brand new glamorous pink truck. Clearly she is hard to miss, and once you try one of her macarons, you’ll be glad […]

Aaron Paul has a Need for Speed, puts indies in neutral

After his tenure as Jesse Pinkman on the Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has Hollywood at his feet. Not only did Paul showcase his dramatic flexibility, but he also remained faithful to a complex project despite its initial commercial failure. In Hollywood terms, Paul is a film dream: a talented actor with the charisma to turn any […]

Liam Neeson flops in Non-Stop

Liam Neeson’s most recent effort in the once-Oscar-winner-turned-action-hero’s series of gruff federal agent movies, Non-Stop, is quite the failed experiment. The promising airplane thriller unfortunately proved to be an unintentionally campy, often embarrassingly funny shamble of a film with a most ridiculous plot and the most laughable dialogue. Neeson plays Federal Air Marshal Bill Marks […]

Lone Star Taco Bar serves up authenticity at Chipotle prices

It’s not easy to find decent Mexican food in Boston, but if you’re determined to find it you’ll need to look farther than Anna’s Taqueria. I’m sorry, Anna’s. I don’t care how many people rave about you on Yelp: When you slap a whole square slice of cheddar cheese on my burrito, it’s hard for […]