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Bibimbap is a rice dish made up of meat and vegetables and topped with a fried egg. PHOTO BY BROOKE JACKSON-GLIDDEN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Bibim serves up Americanized take on Korean barbecue

Bibim doesn’t look like any other Korean restaurant in Allston. Oak tables, wicker furniture and faux-incandescent light fixtures make the restaurant feel more like a Better Homes and Gardens spread than a bulgogi joint. Then again, no one would call Bibim a bulgogi joint. The restaurant smells faintly of kimchi, but not unpleasantly so. Mild K-pop plays in the dining […]

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Allston Rock City Hall, a proposed live venue in community artist space Studio 52, was never opened due to issues with permitting and zoning. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Red tape records: How large venues and legislation are quieting the Boston music scene

Boston, the home of sites like hyperlocal music blog Allston Pudding, institutions such as the Berklee College of Music and a smattering of concert venues, has long been associated with a burgeoning music scene. But for many local bands, promoters and music enthusiasts, the red tape surrounding the process of opening a new spot for local music has become more […]

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Ben Schnetzner as Mark, leader of the "Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners" movement during the 1984 U.K. miners strike, in "Pride." PHOTO COURTESY OF CBS FILMS

REVIEW: True story of “Pride” celebrates collective human experience

The footage of the 1984 U.K. miners’ strike shown in the establishing minutes of “Pride” gives just the right sense of realism and an even better sense of urgency. “I’m not here to be a softie,” U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher drones from a tube TV in the lonely corner of Mark Ashton’s (Ben Schnetzer) London flat. It’s pretty clear […]

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Alison McCartan, Victor Shopov and Gillian Mariner act as Daphna, Liam and Melody in the SpeakEasy Stage Company production of "Bad Jews" at the Calderwood Pavilion. PHOTO COURTESY OF CRAIG BAILEY/PERSPECTIVE PHOTO

REVIEW: SpeakEasy Stage Company argues issues, origins in “Bad Jews”

Who’s to discern the difference between a good Jew and a bad Jew? Joshua Harmon, a recent graduate of The Julliard School’s Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program, has written a biting, comedic commentary that bravely attempts to hash out the balance between religion, family and practicing one’s personal beliefs. Harmon’s original play, “Bad Jews,” premiered fall 2013 at the […]

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James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan play reconnected high school sweethearts Dawson and Amanda in "The Best of Me." PHOTO COURTESY OF RELATIVITY MEDIA

REVIEW: “The Best of Me” mixes best, worst of Nicholas Sparks

When it comes to popular opinion, Nicholas Sparks is binary code. Whether talking about his novels or its film depictions, the partisan response is usually a dreamy-eyed, “That was so heartfelt” or an eye-roll-accompanied, “That reminded me too much of how my ex-boyfriend didn’t treat me.” Appropriately, “The Best of Me,” released Oct. 17, does this yay-or-nay trend justice by […]

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Director Justin Simien talks with actress Tessa Thompson on the set of "Dear White People." PHOTO COURTESY OF ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS

INTERVIEW: Director Justin Simien “bobs and weaves” around perceptions in “Dear White People”

Justin Simien, the director of “Dear White People,” given a limited released Oct. 17, really wants you to know he’s made a movie. More importantly, he wants you to think. “I was really inspired by [playwright, screenwriter and novelist] Paddy Chayefsky and movies like ‘Network’ with hyperrealities and characters that are posing ideas. It’s grounded in character work and their […]

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Steven Ellison, known by his stage name, Flying Lotus, performs at the Paradise Rock Club Friday. PHOTO BY JAKE DMOCHOWSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS CONTRIBUTOR

REVIEW: Electronic musician Flying Lotus brings strong visual performance at Paradise Rock Club

Multi-genre music producer, electronic musician and rapper Flying Lotus took the audience at the Paradise Rock Club in his hands Oct. 17 and threw them back, confused and satisfied, at the Boston leg of his tour to promote his new album, “You’re Dead.” Born Steven Ellison, Flying Lotus — known as FlyLo among his fans — made a name for […]

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Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt play a troubled married couple, Don and Helen Truby in "Men, Women & Children." PHOTO COURTESY OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES

REVIEW: Expansive attempt at social critique falls flat in “Men, Women & Children”

Before it left our solar system forever, the Voyager 1 probe spun around and took our picture. “Pale Blue Dot,” as that photo has became known as, shows Earth, humankind’s only home, suspended in a fraction of a pixel against a cosmic infinity, a semi-speck of meaning floating, lost in a shroud of the impenetrable unknown. How fitting that “Men, […]

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The cast of “Into the Woods” sings during their Saturday performance at the Tsai Performance Center at Boston University. PHOTO BY ALEX MASSET/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: BU Stage Troupe enchants with ‘Into the Woods’

With a film adaptation of the original “Into the Woods” slated for release on Dec. 25, directors Brittany Jenkins and Joe McLaughlin and the very talented cast and crew of the Boston University Stage Troupe had to find a way to make their version of the classic musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine faithful to the spirit of the […]

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Joyce Pilarsky showcases her design at the Emerging Trends Fashion Show at the Boston Center for the Arts Saturday as part of Boston Fashion Week. PHOTO BY HEATHER GOLDIN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Emerging Trends fashion show flaunts diversity for Boston Fashion Week

Crowds of fashionable people entered the brick Cyclorama building at the Boston Center for the Arts on Saturday to experience The SYNERGY Events’ seventh annual Emerging Trends fashion show at the end of Boston Fashion Week. Emerging Trends acts as a launch pad for young aspiring designers, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work to a large audience. Designers […]

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