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OP-ED: UMOJA calls for class boycott

Umoja, the Black Student Union of BU, issued the following news release Sunday, Nov. 19.

Umoja, the Black Student Union of Boston University, strongly condemns the political assassinations by the police of the two brothers at Southern University (Baton Rouge campus) on November 16, 1972. These assassinations are further evidence of the continuing racism and brutal attacks on Black people fighting for their self-determination. We’ve already witnessed the slayings of Black students at Orangeburg, Jackson State, and now Southern University.

We understand that ultimately we have to build our own institutions, but while we are forced to attend the European racist institutions. We refuse to submit to his enslaving educational propaganda. Because these brothers were fighting against inferior education that they were receiving at SUBR, they were brutally murdered. If we allow these blatant atrocities to go unnoticed, they will undoubtedly lead to the mass murder of all Black people.

Black people must realize that this is not just an isolated incident, but part of an international trend of open fascism which began when the first African was ripped from the motherland by our European oppressors.

In this historical framework, UMOJA calls for a boycott of ALL CLASSES on Monday, November 20. Memorial Services will be held also on Monday between 12 noon and 1:00 pm at Marsh Chapel. Guest Speaker will be Dr. Wilmore of the School of Theology.


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