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Holiday message from UMOJA President

On behalf of the Executive Board of UMOJA, I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a healthy New Year ahead.

Before the year 1973 rolls into being, why not stop and take a few minutes to evaluate yourself. Are you heading towards your desired goals? Are you living up to your personal standards? Have you helped your fellow man? Have you contributed anything worthwhile to your society? Will you be a year wiser? Are you happy or sad? Ask yourself these questions and begin to

think about what you can do to improve yourself and the community around you.

Since I have been president of UMOJA, I have had the opportunity of meeting and working with many students, professors, administrators, entertainers and politicians. It is a great feeling when people can really think, plan, and coordinate ideas and then see all of these efforts come into being, and be a success. I have worked closely with many of the members of UMOJA, and it is a pleasure to see that there are those who are interested in the positive directions of the organization.

People such as Evelyn Hill, and her social committee and Charles Tarver and his communications committee should be congratulated and thanked for the wonderful job they have been doing this past semester, especially with the successful homecoming festivities. Also, Itaburi should be thanked for her many hard efforts in working with the constitution committee.

Many opportunities exist for members of UMOJA, if only you would take a minute to inquire about them. The MLK Center and UMOJA are able to send students to various conventions and seminars. The Research and Program Office at the Center and the Skills Bank has so much to offer you. UMOJA is now in a better position to plan more activities for you. The Executive Council of UMOJA and the Center staff has been working hard to try to get black students more

motivated, because the programs have been planned with you in mind. We will continue to do our best to continue to plan programs for you and we hope to get more input and output from you.

Next semester, UMOJA has many interesting, thought-provoking and exciting programs planned. For three consecutive Thursdays beginning January 25th, February 1st and February 8th, UMOJA will sponsor an Educational Film Series, with Marlene Fowler as chairman. At the

series, there will be educational movies shown with discussion. A fund-raising dance will be held on Sat., Jan 27th in Sargent Dance Studio no. 310. Gladys Moses will be social committee chairman. The social committee will be planning other dances throughout next semester. Also in the plans is an entertainment movie to be shown on Friday, March 16th at Hayden Hall. In addition, UMOJA will be presenting a Senior Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 19th. A yearbook is also in the plans to highlight the Wilson-Hayes administration.

Wilson feels his “New Beginning” has begun. He feels the outlook is very promising for UMOJA.

On behalf of UMOJA, Wilson would like to thank the MLK Center, CLA and Joint Council for their allocations.

As we begin a new year, let us not forget the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us for we are indeed fortunate in having had the opportunity to partake of many of the advantages life has to offer.

Again, best wishes for the holiday season.

Pres. of UMOJA

Charles S. Wilson, Jr.

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