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Umoja Sponsors Black Film Series

By Rosalyn Anderson

Awakening the political consciousness of black students with the help of films is one of the goals of Umoja. Umoja, the black student organization of BU, is sponsoring a free Third World film series and discussions to try to reach that goal.

The first film in the series, “Wilmington,” was shown Friday night, one day later than scheduled, because of a mail delay. The fifteen minute film was about the alleged monopoly control by the DuPont Chemical Corporation over the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

Following the film was a two-hour discussion relating the content of the film to other situations in the United States and around the world. Subjects discussed included the effects of capitalism on Third World peoples, the feasibility of forming a third political party among blacks, and the programs of the Black Panthers and the Nation. of Islam (Black Muslims).

As Marlene Fowler, chairman of the Community Affairs Committee of Umoja and organizer of the film festival said, ”The purpose of the film series is to give Third World students an insight into the realities of our condition as they relate to the international struggle. We think these films will bring about a closer knit body of Third World students and hopefully increase their understanding so as to direct them towards community organizations that need their skills.”

Asked about how to reach the black students who did not attend the film showing, Fowler said she would like to establish discussion groups in all the dorms, as well as off campus.

Future films scheduled include “Now” and “El Pueblo Se Levanta” for Thursday Feb. 1, and “Finally Got the News” for Thursday, Feb. 8. All films will be shown in room 314 at the Sherman Union at 7 pm.

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