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University should recognize Stern’s accomplishments

By Justin Garrod

I have the utmost respect for the College of Communication, myself being a potential May graduate. I feel I have had an invaluable education at this school that will benefit me for years to come. I do, however, feel it is extremely deplorable that this school does not recognize one of its most successful and well-known graduates: Howard Stern. Have you noticed that there is not one picture of Stern in the hallways of the COM building alongside photos of our other famous alumni?

The College of Communication should be proud of Stern. He was a model student at Boston University, graduating with a 3.8 GPA, and he was the winner of the BU film festival. He took the skills he acquired at our school and became one of the most popular morning personalities in radio. He also has written a best-selling book, and he now stars in his own blockbuster movie. It’s unbelievable that the most popular voice in the history of radio is not recognized by the university he attended. BU’s alumni program would have much to gain by recognizing Howard Stern. Guest lectures, endorsement and internship opportunities are just some examples.

It’s not hard to trace this injustice—just start at the top. John R. Silber is the reason for Stern’s lack of recognition. I feel this university is obligated to recognize Stern’s success, whether the administration agrees with what he says or not. Stern provides comedy and has accomplished more in the communication industry then almost anyone. BU should be proud to have him as an alumnus.

Since Silber is now chancellor, it is time for our new president, Jon Westling, to show some leadership. I challenge our president to reject the old stubborn Silberism and hang a picture of Stern, one of our most successful alumni, on the walls of the College of Communication.

I look favorably upon my experiences and education here at BU, but I am writing this letter to pave the way for future alumni. The success of future graduates should not be judged by the administration’s standards.

Justin Garrod is a senior in the College of Communication.

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