Letter to the editor

We are writing to correct two of many errors that were printed in the article “Depression hits 1 in 3, Boston study says,” which ran in the Nov. 14 issue of The Daily Free Press. Findings from our longitudinal study indicate that only 21 percent (about 1 in 5) of our study group of 376 young adults have had depression at some point in their lives. The study presented at the American Public Health Association was based on preliminary findings of protective factors that are associated with positive outcomes for people at risk for depression. The findings will not be published in the DSM-IV as reported. The DSM-IV is not a journal, but a diagnostic system for classifying mental disorders. We plan on submitting the findings to a mental health journal in the next few months. Briefly, findings showed that close family and peer relations and a positive outlook in adolescence forestalled development of depression in youth at risk for depression.

Dina Carbonell, Research Associate Cecilia Stashwick, Research Assistant Young Adult Research Project Graduate School of Social Work Simmons College

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