Letter to the editor

I am writing in response to a quote run in Thursday’s Free Press by Chancellor John Silber which implies that he is so awesome at recruiting wonderful teachers and how he has made this a University of great teachers.

I would like to invite Silber to come to classes with me for a day or two. I do not know how many classes he has sat in taught by BU professors to be able to say how great they are but I am sure it is not many! I have had 11 professors and eight TAs, about half of which did not even speak English!

Only two professors even deserved to be called professors. My high school teachers were better than any teacher I have had at Boston University. I am transferring next year, and the main reason is because of the teaching. I just refuse to pay $34,000 to sit in classes that waste my time. I know that BU has been in The Boston Globe (Oct. 15, 2000) for its horrible reputation for teaching, so I do not know where Silber is getting his information.

Lastly, here is an example of the horrible teaching at BU (I am sure that you all know what I am talking about, with the exception of SMG and COM students … I hear you have good professors). I would like the administration to read this. At the conclusion of a horribly written test that the whole class was mad about, our teacher told us that she did not like the exam either.

WHAT? You gave an exam that you did not like? “Yes, it was from the back of the book and I think the authors did a bad job writing the exam.”

At this point a classmate said, “What? You did not write the exam yourself?”

The TF laughingly responded: “Write 60 multiple choice questions, that would take way too much time.”

WHAT? Silber, please tell me: is that not their job? Do you think it is too much to ask of a professor or a teaching fellow to write 60 multiple choice questions?

Good, me either! So, please send any one of your administrators to join me in class. I promise you will see worse examples then this!

Stephanie Flick CAS ’03

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