Letter from the editor

I would like to extend my deep thanks to the staff of The Daily Free Press for their extensive coverage of the anti-discrimination clause discussion held by Spectrum on Thursday, Nov. 30. With the help of student organizations such as the Student Union and the Women’s Center, along with coverage by The Daily Free Press, The Boston Globe and Baywindows, Spectrum is working to have sexual orientation added to Boston University’s anti-discrimination clause.

While the administration has given many reasons why not to amend the clause, including that BU already provides a welcoming environment for the GLBT community, we at Spectrum feel that the exclusion of sexual orientation from the clause is a blatant show of Therefore, we challenge the administration: if you are willing to welcome and protect GLBT students at BU, put it in writing. Give us the same respect and protection that you give to the rest of the BU community, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, ethnic origin, age, sex, disability or veteran status.

Emily Lyman, President, Spectrum CAS ’02 Nick Florio Vice-President, Spectrum CAS ’02 Vick Mishra Treasurer, Spectrum UNI ’01 Jasmine Smith-Gillen Secretary, Spectrum CAS ’03 Mel Laroco Public Relations Chair, Spectrum CAS ’01

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