n On Thursday, Nov. 16, the student group Food and Roofs held a door-to-door Thanksgiving food and donation drive benefiting the poorest families in Boston.

Because of the generosity of students on this campus, 51 families in Boston did not have to make the inhumane decision between putting food on the table and keeping the house warm this turkey day. The money we raised went to buy these families a turkey and other Thanksgiving goodies. Canned goods collected went to stock cupboards for the upcoming, too-cold winter. Thank you.

By reaching out on a single night to Warren, Myles, Danielsen, the Student Village, Shelton and West Campus, we were able to collect over 40 bags full of food and canned goods and $908.53 in donations. This was done giving only two days notice to BU students. We came with a real need in the community, and BU responded. Who says BU is apathetic? Not I.

To everyone who donated and everyone who helped to make this drive happen:

Sue, Ross, Nathaniel, Jackie, Karina, Marie, Julian, Deirdre, Nina, Susan, Stefania, Mary, Meredith, Dinali, Allen, Obinna, Bertrand, Brian, Beth, Alexa, Reina and anyone else I’m forgetting right now, thank you!

The food was distributed through the Eastern Service Workers Association. They provide a variety of services to the poorest people in Boston, including legal aid, medical services, food and clothing. If you would like to get more involved in the community, please call them at 617-265-1599.

Anyone who would like to donate more food, money or clothing can bring donations to CAS Room 319, the CAS Forum office.

[ Ridwan Schleicher, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, is president of Food and Roofs.]

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