Student activism alive

Activism does not always come in the form of sit-ins, boycotts and angry fists raised in defiance. Seeing a problem and doing something to make it better is just as noble and possibly more effective. Praise should be given to Boston University students who have been spending their hours outside of the classroom, library and laboratory helping people.

The programs organized by the Community Service Center have been recognized in several articles this semester. The Siblings program paired undergraduates with community children, creating both role models and friendships. Making Music gave children a chance to express themselves through music as well as be mentored by an artistic college student. The After School Program gives youths an alternative to unsupervised afternoons in front of the television and offers desperately needed homework and literacy support.

Other campus groups have also been notably active. Project 100, a Student Union initiative, has been on board for many projects. The Environmental Student Organization intends on pushing BU toward a higher recycling rate, and will save those trees yet. The Children’s Theater has keeps kids laughing and ROTC has patrolled the Esplanade in hopes of cleaner and greener open space. The students of Food and Roofs did not ask for social change; they asked for spare change and were able to hand $908.53 to a worthy cause when they were done. Many mouths were fed by their efforts.

Accusations of apathy against BU students are misdirected. People concerned with developing some activist energy on campus should sign up at the Community Service Center and join the ranks of the truly active.

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