Westling’s decision is puzzling

I am writing to express my disappointment at the decision of President Westling not to extend enhanced TV services to all Boston University student residences. Westling’s rationale for his decision is even more puzzling than the decision itself. If President Westling is really concerned about students unwinding silently in front of television screens, then maybe he should try to ban computers as well. Computers can be just as much as a distraction to academic work as the television, and yet they are encouraged by the University.

Students pay a lot of money to live in the Boston University dorms, and they at least ought to be able to get the basic television channels no matter what side of the building they live on. To make matters even simpler, most students have a cable television connection jack right in their rooms just waiting to be used.

By making this decision, Westling has only further alienated himself and the rest of the BU administration from its most important public: its students. I invite him to reconsider his decision in this matter.

Adam Castiglioni COM ’03

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