A/B CRIME LOG: Robbery At Park

The following were taken from last week’s Allston-Brighton’s District 14 crime logs.

Two unidentified 18 year-old males wearing dark beanies and dark loose clothing allegedly robbed a Brighton man Monday night as he was walking through Ringer Park, toward Gordon Street.

One suspect allegedly exposed a silver colored handgun and told the victim to, “bust out [his] stuff,” the victim told the police.

The victim said he had no money, so he threw his wallet to the ground, and the suspects ran away.

Park and rob

Monday night at Ringer Park an unknown juvenile allegedly robbed a Brighton man at gunpoint, stealing about $75.

The suspect reportedly produced a large black automatic handgun and demanded the victim place his property on the ground and leave.

The victims did as told and later called the police.

Icing on the cake

A 24-year-old Allston man was arrested last Wednesday night for masturbating in front of the kitchen window of an Allston apartment after similar incidents were reported to the police for the past couple of months.

Officer Paul Donahue, of Brighton, witnessed the perpetrator standing in the alley allegedly buttoning his fly and looking up at one of the residents of the apartment. As two other officers approached the defendant, the resident shouted to the police this was the same man who had earlier masturbated in the same spot.

The suspect looked over his shoulder and when he noticed an unmarked police cruiser, he began to run away, but Donahue blocked him in the alley with his police bicycle and the other officers were able to catch the suspect.

Closed-door meeting

An 18-year old male was severely beaten on the face and head and knocked unconscious by a 20-year-old male while two other suspects held the apartment foyer door closed so nobody could intervene in the altercation during a party on Linden Street, according to witnesses.

Other members of the party, believed to be holding the door shut, refused to answer the police’s questions.

I’m gonna pay a lot for this muffler

A Manchester man allegedly threw a muffler 40 feet on the right end lane onto the Massachusetts Turnpike from the 10-foot high fence on Cambridge Street Bridge late Saturday night.

Two officers noticed and upon investigation arrested the suspect and his friend for public drinking when they saw the two men were under 21 years of age and drinking 12 oz cans of Budweiser beer. One of the suspects, a 19-year-old man, threw the muffler and was charged with disorderly conduct.

Suspects on a silver platter

Two Brighton men were arrested for ordering food from the Allston Wing-It and not paying for it Sunday night. When the driver of the delivery truck, an Allston woman, called the telephone number listed with the order to say she was entering Glenville Avenue, a male voice allegedly answered and told her they would meet her outside.

As she came to deliver the order, she allegedly saw three men standing outside on the sidewalk. According to the police report, the first suspect took a bag with food from the driver and started walking away when she became frightened and shouted he had to pay for the food.

Another suspect pushed the victim several times and took the party platter. When the victim came with the police to the suspects’ apartment, she identified two of the three suspects, who were reportedly drunk, hostile, and unwilling to cooperate with police to solve the problem.

An officer on the scene noticed the food, including a chicken platter were opened and partially eaten.

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