Minority Too Minor?

I have to disagree with the editors who stated, “‘Minority'” refers to multiple minorities that, when separated, are not really majorities. The key word here is “refers,” and that reference is made by the “so-called” majority white people. But, that statement seems to preclude that white people when separated are still a majority, which is not true of course, and for the same reason. White people are separated just as much as the “so-called” minorities.

I do agree that the label “minority” does denote an oppressed people; and, of course, I agree that there are much worse words used to describe “so-called” minorities. However, it should also be stated that “White People” when separated, are not really majorities. White people consist of English, French, Swedish, Scandinavian, Irish, German, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Italian, et al., and these white people are separated, even within their territorial borders, by language, culture and locale, which means that, individually, white people are not a majority either.

It is true that white people have a monopoly on the resources and assets of this world, and that is what controls our world system. Resources, money, and properties denote how much wealth you have in any society, and that wealth gives those fortunate wealthy ones the opportunity to impose their view of the world on the rest of the population. But, let us be honest about the situation. White people are still a minority in this world even though they control most of the world’s resources. And, the very fact that white people are a minority is the reason they have to speak the illusion of white majority (along with white supremacy) into being.

Think how boring it would be to have everyone look, act and sound the same way. It was God’s plan to create us in all our diversities; hence, we are all God’s children. I feel confident that our world will soon be a place where racial, religious and cultural diversities will be loved and accepted just like the multitudinous array of beautiful flowers and trees on our planet. I pray that this comes before we destroy each other. In fact, I speak the end of oppression for the “so-called” minorities of the world into being. I speak the deliverance of the world from terrorists, rapists, child abusers and other undesirables. Instead of focusing on one’s nationality, color, race, or religious practices, I speak the God-like qualities of universal, unconditional love for humankind. God created mankind (and womankind) to be rulers over all other creatures of the world, and He loves us each and every one. Can we stop fighting each other long enough, and can we attempt to be more loving (well at least more tolerant of each other) until the anticipated spirit of universal, unconditional love for humankind overtakes us?

Aneesah Muhammad

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