STAFF EDIT: Starless Nights

Bad news for you late-night snackers — as of this Sunday, the Star Market near West Campus will be closing its doors at midnight. It’s a travesty, but Boston University students will have to make themselves aware of their other options.

According to the store manager, business slows drastically after 1 a.m. If the store is suffering financially as a result, changing the hours to 6 a.m. to midnight is a wise move. While this was probably a difficult decision to make, good business means taking all steps necessary toward success.

This decision should not be too devastating for most BU students, as there is a plethora of convenience stores and even another Star Market, all within walking distance. The Fenway Star will remain open 24 hours a day. Therefore, if it is absolutely vital that grocery shopping gets done at 3 a.m., students will just have to head toward the Fenway.

Furthermore, if munchies are on the list, why bother trekking as far as the Fenway? Hit up the Campus Conveniences, Store 24s and 7-11s, located all over campus. The options are out there — it just takes a little research.

If convenience stores turn out to be too expensive or if they hold little variety, make plans to shop earlier. Rearranging a schedule to fit in a weekly trip to Star during the day as opposed to the night should not prove to be too much of a burden.

When it comes down to it, shortening the hours at a local Star Market should be an extremely minimal problem for most college students. School work and finances should top the priority lists — not food runs. Besides, there’s always the dining hall.

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