baby steps

To some, writing is an art form; to others, it is a craft, a skill that must be developed meticulously through the processes of analysis, editing, critiquing, and objective reading. To Sara Malkin, however, it is the act of stringing words together to form coherent sentences.

I am a regular reader of the Daily Free Press, and I must say that I often enjoy the weekly opinion columns with my overcooked broccli and stale bread in the dining hall. However, I was deeply disappointed in Ms. Malkin’s column. I understand that occasionally, columnists suffer from brain flatulence, and thus can not compose a sensible article, but at the very least, I should expect the editors to recognize it before publishing such nonsense.

I realize that some people like to talk just to hear their own voice, but to put it on paper is a felony. I’ve read other articles that were pretty random, but at least they had a point. It seemed that this article was only inserted to fill space. I am sure that Ms. Malkin is a competent writer or she wouldn’t be writing for the Daily Free Press, but if she does happen to be an airhead, it would probably be best if she didn’t make it known to the public just yet. In the mean time, I would suggest she keep her diary entries hidden somewhere dark and remote, where nobody can read it.

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