Support The Basketball Teams

March Madness came to The Roof two months early — don’t let it leave until tournament time is over. Last night, BU took on Hartford in what was anything but a pretty basketball game. A last second shot handed the Terriers a two-point loss, but this time, there were fans in attendance to witness it. The members of the student community who stood in line for Beanpot ticket vouchers, and those who came just to support their classmates, proved that our university is not a one-sport school.

The hockey team gets a lot of attention, and deservedly so, but both the men’s and women’s basketball teams are in position to make runs at the NCAA tournament — how about a little love for them, too? Tonight, was the first time I had been to a men’s or women’s game where I actually felt like I was at a Division I contest. The atmosphere was tremendous — borderline BU/BC at Walter Brown Arena. Even though the team lost, there was a sense of a home court advantage. I guess you could call this a plea to the entire student body: Get out to the games, bring everyone you know, pack the place to the brim, cheer in unison, help BU bring its basketball tradition back. Don’t let last night be a one-night stand; let the love continue. These boys and girls are going dancing in March. Be their dates to the ball.

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