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Thomas Grimes – died March 12, 2003

Thomas Grimes 44 years old – A Boston University Security Assistant for 19 years. Thomas was very popular with students as the 12-8 security assistant at Towers dorm on Bay State Road passed away suddenly. Tom was known for his poetry and stage acting as Malcolm X. He enjoyed talking and listening to the thousands of students over the years. While working as security students openly engaged in conversation with him about almost every subject from music to politics. Students often asked him for his opinion and feedback on their papers. Because he warked the night shift (12-8)he was very visible and well known as a very special person. Many lonely freshman and others sought him out and were comforted by him. He often spoke with students who were struggeling with their courses, had a domestic problem, financial concerns and counseled many. His positive attitude toward eveyone and his smilinf face will be missed. Funeral services will be held at the Eliot Church in Roxbury on Sunday March 16, at 3:30 pm.

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