Other Boston-area schools prepare for, complete commencement ceremonies

From Babson College to Wellesley College, universities in the Boston area are well underway with commencement preparations, some having already taken place. Speakers at this year’s graduation ceremonies include acclaimed businesspersons, politicians, writers and researchers.

Northeastern University was the first to send off its graduates May 1. U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona was the keynote speaker at the event.

On May 8, Berklee College of Music held its commencement ceremonies with actor/comedian Bill Cosby giving the keynote speech.

Babson College saw Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s, as its speaker May 14. Simmons College had Congresswoman Nanci Pelosi (D-Calif.) scheduled to speak May 16.

Meanwhile, other nearby schools have booked their calendars and begun commencement preparations.

On May 23, Tufts University will feature Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor of Time magazine and author of a recent biography of Benjamin Franklin.

Despite some student protests, Gov. Mitt Romney will speak at Suffolk University’s commencement ceremony, which is also planned for May 23.

United Way President and CEO Christine James-Brown will speak at Lesley University’s commencement, to be held at the Bayside Exposition Center on May 24.

Acclaimed author Toni Morrison, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Literature, will speak at Wellesley College May 28.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will host Elias Zerhouni, director of the National Health Institute, on June 4.

As the MIT seniors celebrate their graduation, they will also mourn the loss of a fellow student found dead in a research laboratory one month before he would have graduated, according to a Boston Globe article. Police investigators said that though the cause has not yet been determined, suicide has not been ruled out.

University of Massachusetts at Boston has writer Dennis Lehane scheduled to speak at its commencement on June 4, while UMass-Lowell will host writer Barbara Ehrenreich as its speaker on June 6.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan will speak at Harvard University’s June 10 commencement.

Boston College will hold its 128th commencement at Alumni Stadium. The main speaker will be Tim Russert, moderator of Meet the Press and Washington Bureau Chief of NBC News.

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