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There are easy ways for a university to cut costs. Turning off the lights at night, or making sure the grass sprinklers aren’t on while it’s raining is a start. Instead of doing these things, Boston University seems to think that the best way to cut down on waste is by cutting access to the student’s link to local and international news. Not only did the Globe provide a great way to catch up with important news, but it also put us in touch with issues affecting the local community. Yes, I can find out what’s going on around the world online, but nowhere else offers quality local coverage like the Globe. BU students have traditionally been ignorant of the world directly outside the campus, as seen with the ease in which laws and policies hurting students have continually been passed (student housing limitation), and having our administration sever one of the only links between the campus and the city is a huge step in the wrong direction.
I know I’m not the only student saddened by the loss of the Globe on campus. For the past three years, I’ve enjoyed breakfast with my free copy of the Globe. Many times, I’ve had to roam the dining hall looking for a discarded copy because none were left by the dorm lobby, leading me to believe that the free copies were quite popular. Webb Lancaster stated that he received no complaints about the loss of the paper, but how are students supposed to know that the office of Operations for Auxiliary Services is the place to send complaints to? When the Globe went missing for a few weeks last semester, there was enough outcry to bring it back. So why should he assume that suddenly the students no longer care?
It hurts me to pay an institution that many times seems to have its priorities reversed. This is a university. Knowledge is good, so bring back the Globe. Perhaps do it in smaller quantities to match demand, but please equip students with a valuable source of news and information.

James Sinclair
SMG ’09

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  1. I completely agree with this. I, too, enjoyed reading my globe in the morning. And as a COM student, this was also one of the ways I kept up with my classes. Online reading just isn’t the same.<br/>email businessaffairs@bu.edu to let BU know you want your Globe back!