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LETTER: Global responses

It was inevitable.’ The end of complimentary Boston Globe’s for BU students is just another sign of newspapers’ dwindling significance ‘-‘- at least in the printed form.
While I wish it wasn’t true, the argument’ that free newspapers’ lead to a better-informed student body has lost’ much of its’ merit as access to the Internet and 24-hour television news has exploded.’
Students who read news articles online or watch CNN may also read the newspaper, but I would argue few students who read the newspaper don’t also read Internet articles or watch cable news. A majority of students have turned their backs on the daily paper and have found other ways to get their information.
When I was a student at BU, the free newspaper program teetered on the edge of extinction more than once. However, a small, but passionate, group of students always seemed to be just upset enough to bring about the program’s return. BU newspaper readers ‘-‘- are you out there?’ Chirp.

Jonathan Thompson
COM ’07

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