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The triumphant return of the brothers Gallagher

Oasis shoves their greatness into the faces of all the fans that gave up on them after their long string of mediocre albums with Dig Out Your Soul. Not since (What’s the story) Morning Glory has Oasis produced something this cohesive and tight. And, yes, they have put out some considerably sub-par material since then, but that’s somewhat understandable, considering the hype they received.’
Liam and Noel Gallagher drip confidence and indifference to criticism, which is perhaps all that they needed to write another great record. Instead of going back to the Rock and Roll basics found in their 2002 release Heathen Chemistry, their new music is a more mature version of the Brit-Pop genre that made them famous.’
In ‘Ain’t Got Nothin,” Liam proudly sings, ‘I don’t care what they say anymore.’ It’s clear that the band is not pandering to music critics or fans on this album. This works out in their favor, turning their pop style into a wonderful hybrid of John Lennon, Thom Yorke and a cacophony of driving guitars and drum beats.’
The album is great on the first listen and gets better with time and has very few – if any ‘-‘- filler songs. Tracks like ‘Falling Down’ and closer, ‘Soldier On,’ have a haunting tone to them that just begs you to listen to them on repeat. Dig Out Your Soul has already dropped and is a must-buy for anyone who ever fancied themselves an Oasis fan.

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