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Last night’s seventh-inning stretch apparently provided the Red Sox with enough refreshment to pull out all the stops and make a triumphant return late in the game.
After seeing (er . . . hearing about) this, we here at the ol’ Free Press couldn’t help but wonder what other plays our late hours are forcing us to miss, and who else might be making glorious returns:

The Dow Jones needs to make a last-second buzzer beater to put this game into OT, but unlike the NBA, Wall Street players will incur no salary cap.
Speaking of buzzer beaters, it looks like the Republican shot clock is nearing its final tick and forcing John McCain to throw an alley-oop to Sarah Palin (who somehow thinks she’s playing hockey).
Back in Kenmore Square, it’s the bottom of the ninth and COM has put switch hitter John Schultz in to give the new investigative journalism program some inventive food for thought. Unfortunately, there were several errors on the play.
In the pivotal game of the Frozen Four, Adil Yunis has just been called off the bench to fill in as Union president while Matt Seidel
practices his high-C for the National Anthem.
Switching on over to ESPN News, it looks like BU spokesman Colin Riley has his poker face on as he goes ‘all-in’ for the final game of Factual Texas Hold’em.
And back to ESPN Classic, the BU Administration just threw a 30-yard pass to the Daily Free Press, only to see it intercepted by BU Today.

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