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In a news story Wednesday (‘Work-study hours cut,’ p. 1), a quotation from a work-study student complaining about fewer available work hours was misattributed to SMG senior Pia Piscitelli due to an editing error. In fact, CAS sophomore Amanda Colby made the statement.

It was also misstated due to a reporting error that CAS student Katya Belakovskaya holds a work-study job. She does not.

A Friday news story (‘BU limits space for performers,’ p. 1) contained the following editing errors: The name of BU a cappella group Chordially Yours was misspelled due to an editing error.

SAO Assistant Director Jeff Murphy only disccused SAO performance and rehearsal space and did not mention CFA renovations, as misstated in the article. Murphy also did not say SAO restrictions have limited performance or rehearsal space, as misstated. In fact, Murphy said despite restrictions on specially designated SAO rehearsal space, students may reserve other spaces also suitable for rehearsal without any restrictions. Additionally, new SAO restrictions concern only rehearsal space, not performance space.

BU School of Music production manager Casey Soward, rather than Murphy, discussed CFA. Soward said that rehearsal space in CFA is limited, though not because of renovations. Rather, after CFA renovations are finished, students will have greater access to space. Limited performance space has not been a problem for CFA, as misstated in the article.

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  1. Thank you for printing these corrections. Additionally, performance space is not limited by any rules put in place by SAO or the University Reservations, but by the first-come, first served rule. Student groups who book further in advance are more likely to get the rooms and dates that they want. That Chordially Yours is receiving less than ideal performance space is a reflection on themselves and their lack of forethought and advanced planning.