FADEM: These costumes have potential

Most of my weekend sports memories last year revolved around disappointment. This year, I’ve already experienced Terrier success on a whole new level.
It really started last Thursday when the women’s soccer team clinched the America East regular-season crown. Around the same time, the women’s hockey team made a pretty loud statement of its own, topping the then-No. 4 team in the nation ‘-‘- the University of New Hampshire.
Friday, Boston University slapped me upside the head with Terrier Tip-Off. Let me tell you, BU did it right ‘-‘- way right.
There was something spectacular about the Tip-Off. It may have been the lighting. It may have also been the filled bleachers or the overall energy in The Roof. I’m not positive what it was, but if the Tip-Off is any indication of what type of year it’s going to be ‘-‘- well, it’s going to be a season worth remembering. I certainly won’t be forgetting about the Tip-Off anytime soon.
Saturday, the women’s hockey team again played at a top level. They ‘shook that bear,’ if you will, beating UMaine 8-1 at Agganis. That’s just silly.
But, hours later on that same ice, the men’s hockey team silenced any criticisms/haters with a convincing 7-2 victory over Michigan.
Are you freaking kidding me? Is this actually the state of Boston University sports right now? The men are the third-ranked team in the nation, the women are eighth, both soccer teams are ticketed for the America East Tournament and the men’s basketball team just got picked as conference favorites.
I could go on about how much I’m loving everything about everything right now, but you wouldn’t get anything out of that. You already know how awesome it is to be a Terrier fan right now.
Instead, I want to give my yearly suggestions to BU athletes. On Friday, the world gets to celebrate the fourth greatest holiday known to man ‘-‘- Halloween. So, for the second year in a row, here are some suggested Halloween costumes for some of your favorite BU athletes.
John Holland ‘-‘- The obvious choice would be the legend of a man from the ‘Unforgivable’ YouTube video. But I think a better choice is Superman. Anyone who was at Terrier Tip-Off on Friday knows John Holland stripped off his jersey to reveal an ‘S’ on his chest during the dunk contest. Unfortunately for everyone in attendance, John didn’t successfully throw one down. I think I know the reason ‘-‘- he didn’t accept the cape that I offered him before he dunked. Had he worn the cape, I’m positive John would’ve been quicker than a speeding bullet and stronger than Eric Gryba. John would just need to rock the cape on Halloween and through the rest of the basketball season. Then I know we’d all become witnesses to John’s ability to fly like a Boeing 747.
Victor/Vinny Saponari, Matt/Kevin Gilroy & the Shea twins ‘-‘- A pack of bros. Jesus and I were going to go as one of these pair of bros, and when I say bros I mean frat bros. Pop the collars, bring out the Gamecube and get set for a lovely night on the town. A lot of the preparation is already done. They’re already brothers, they just need to work on the bro aspect.
Jeff Pelage ‘- Kimbo Slice. I mean, I think if he takes his shirt off he’d be all set. And maybe grow an Eric Bruntlett-esque beard.
Christine Kinneary ‘- Spud Webb. Christine basically became Spud Webb during Friday’s dunk contest. She actually dunked (kind of) despite being less than six feet tall. Watch out, Candace Parker, you’re not the only female on this earth who has ups.
Shaun Taylor ‘- Hitman. You can’t tell me that when Shaun Taylor stares at you, you don’t ruin your underwear in utter fear. If Shaun dressed up in a suit and tie and put a barcode on the back of his skull, he would have the same effect as he normally does ‘-‘- scaring people, only he could do it on an appropriate holiday.
Marisha Schumacher-Hodge ‘-‘- I can’t pick up a FreeP and not see her mentioned when the women’s soccer team has a write-up. And every time I see her name I’m like, ‘I bet that girl can Bend it like Beckham.’ So, Marisha’s costume should be the lead from that movie ‘-‘- not Keira Knightley. I’m talking about Parminder Nagra or ‘Jesminder ‘Jess’ Kaur Bhamra.’ The only difference is that a movie about Marisha’s soccer life wouldn’t suck.
Kodjo Wilder ‘-‘- Joe Biden. What is the reasoning on this? If you have ever seen Kodjo smile, you automatically fell in love with him. That’s actually written into security agreements you sign during orientation. The only person who can rival a smile of Kodjo is Joe Biden. So, Kodjo, you have to downplay yourself a little and act like the potential future vice president for a night of trick-or-treating. Don’t forget to vote, people!
Scott Brittain ‘- A hero. Oh wait, he wouldn’t have to dress up at all for that. Then again, some of the best costumes are when you go as yourself. I really just want Scott to be a hero for my America East fantasy basketball team (yes, one does exist) ‘-‘- I need him to pick up the slack for all the UNH and Stony Brook players I drafted.
I wish I could go on and give costume advice to all the athletes at BU. God knows I know a thing or two about dressing up and looking foolish, and I do that on more occasions than just Halloween. Folks, I hope you have a safe, exciting, scary and wonderful Halloween. I like how BU gave everyone ‘-‘- athletes included (minus women’s tennis) ‘-‘- the night off to obtain as much candy as possible and hopefully throw up in joy/candy poisoning the following day. Happy Halloween.

Brian Fadem, a junior in the College of Communication, is a weekly columnist for The Daily Free Press. He can be reached at [email protected] For more of Brian, visit

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