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Sunday is a day of rest and recovery ‘-‘- a concept Eastern Standard definitely understands. In lieu of the dining hall, Eastern Standard provides a nicer atmosphere on Sunday mornings to recoup from your damaging weekend. Though the restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, we think brunch is the way to go.
Besides the typical French toast and scrambled eggs, which definitely comfort your body, Eastern Standard offers unique morning options for those who may desire, say, raw oysters or steak tartar. If that turns your stomach, though, don’t fret ‘-‘- there are lots of Eastern Standard options, like granola and yogurt or grilled cheese.
While waiting for the food, you can re-hydrate with a variety of juices, and if you hadn’t had enough the night before, mimosas and Bloody Marys are popular alcoholic options. We suggest you don’t blow the drinks off ‘-‘-‘ you’ll likely be waiting a long time. Eastern Standard’s brunch is no hidden secret. From students and young professionals to grandparents and your boss, Boston has discovered that this is the place to eat on Sunday mornings.
If you just can’t get out of bed early enough, don’t simply write off Eastern Standard. Located in the heart of Kenmore Square, this French-American restaurant stands out amid the sea of mediocrity of McDonald’s, Popeye’s and Uno Chicago Grill. Eastern Standard resides in Hotel Commonwealth and satisfies the on-the-go crowd looking for a more quality bite to eat. Whether you’re on the way to the Red Sox game (next season, obviously), the airport or meeting an out-of-town friend for a meal between classes, this spot fulfills the need for a nice sit-down meal that’s close to campus.
With high ceilings, comfortable red leather booths and a bustling crowd, Eastern Standard is classy, yet casual. You’ll see girls in heels and others in jeans, some men in ties and others in Red Sox gear. Don’t be intimidated by its location in Hotel Commonwealth ‘-‘- this restaurant does not discriminate. So if you’re sick of making your own waffle or waiting in line for an omelet, get your butt out of bed and into Eastern Standard for a welcome break from Boston University.

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