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For those who have grown up with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their first foray into ‘writing’ couldn’t be any more of a departure from To Grandmother’s House We Go if they tried.

Though we know the Olsens traded in their pigtails and overalls for Chanel quite some time ago, the twins’ newly released coffee-table fashion book, Influence, further sends the girls into the fashionista stratosphere.

While the artsy book is unsurprisingly filled with pictures of the two decked in their finest high-fashion pieces, it also includes interviews with likes of uber-designers Karl Lagerfeld, M. Missoni and Christian Louboutin.

Mary-Kate asks Karl the all-important questions, like, ‘What do you do now to stay in shape?’ while Ashley pries Christian Louboutin, asking him, ‘When did you know that you were a success?’

The girls also include some personal photographs that include revealing shots, like’ ‘ Mary-Kate’s favorite Balenciaga heels and Ashley’s favorite jeans. Come on girls, where are the shots of MK during her stint in rehab or partying with Heath Ledger?

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