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Role Models sets a good example

Sex.’ Raunchiness.’ Foul language.’ Characteristics of the new Judd Apatow flick?’ Surprisingly, no, but Role Models might as well be.’ Take the experienced lead acting of The 40 Year Old Virgin, the buddy love/conflict of Superbad, the biting one-liners of Knocked Up, add some potty-mouthed kids and you’ve got this hilarious new comedy starring Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd.

Danny (Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott) spend their days selling a possibly addictive energy drink called Minotaur to high school kids.’ When they get into an argument and end up driving their Mino-truck up a statue in front of a cop, their sentence is either 30 days in jail or mentoring troubled kids at Sturdy Wings, a Big Siblings organization run by former crack addict Sweeney (Jane Lynch, a perfect choice for the role).’ They unwittingly choose the kids.’ Danny is paired with Augie Farks (McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a cape-wearing, medieval times-reenacting dweeb, and Wheeler gets stuck with Ronnie Shields (newcomer Bobb’e J. Thompson), a 12-year-old boobie aficionado. Danny and Wheeler struggle to understand (i.e., not kill) their little buddies and make it through their community service in one piece, all the while learning something new about themselves (aww).

Rudd and Scott seem happy to let their characters’ zingers do all the work, putting little to no effort into their acting.’ The audience won’t complain because their highly inappropriate dialogue will crack up anyone going to see this movie simply to laugh.

Stealing the show from the two practiced comedians are youngins Thompson and Mintz-Plasse.’ Hearing a small black boy talk about Beyonc’eacute; doing naughty things to him and seeing him smack Scott across the face shouldn’t be as funny as it sounds, but Thompson’s timing and selective innocence make every second he’s on screen totally worth his likely corruption from taking part in such a film.’ Mintz-Plasse’s nasally voice and physical awkwardness once again render him just as lovable as his Superbad name implies.’ His character’s die-hard dedication to Laire (a role-playing game where even the biggest nerd can feel like a king) is simultaneously pathetic and adorable, a combination that Mintz-Plasse can spin to funny with one line of geek speak.

If you go into Role Models expecting pure raunchy, adult comedy and not much else, then you will not be disappointed.’ You will be entertained by the sheer inappropriateness of young actors constantly swearing, Paul Rudd’s bone dry humor, and Seann William Scott gallivanting in a Minotaur suit.’ Just don’t let these guys near your little brothers.

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