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Tufts LGBT group tackles slippery subject

In an inflatable pool filled with gallons of lubricant, Tufts University student Theo Bunce got prepared for a one-minute, slippery wrestling match to promote save sex education ‘-‘- and for new Facebook fodder.

‘I’m sure we’ll get some good videos out of this,’ the Tufts University junior said.

Tufts’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Center used lubricant wrestling to promote positive sexual health education at an event called ‘Love N’ Lube’ Saturday.

‘I want people to have fun while learning about safe lube usage,’ said the mistress of ceremonies, a drag queen who asked to be called Venus Dementia. ‘I think people take lube for granted.’

Lube wrestling participants were pre-selected and wrestled each other while covered in gallons of lubricant for one-minute matches in an inflatable pool.

Though Dementia was unable to wrestle because she was wearing six-inch heels, many other lube wrestlers wearing proper attire jumped at the opportunity to pin their peers in a pool of various flavored lubricants.

Love N’ Lube event coordinator Sophia Nelson said the LGBT center wanted to avoid making the event seem like a typical high school sex talk, and instead prompted students to enjoy and get involved in sexual education. ‘ ‘ ‘

‘We really wanted to bring the sexy back into sexual health education,’ event coordinator Sofia Nelson said.

The lubricant information desk offered several samples of lubricants, sexual health pamphlets, and condom-filled gift bags. Lubricant samples for taste and touch tests included Astroglide and Wet Kiwi-Strawberry Intimacy Gel.

Information desk volunteers explained the differences between silicone-based and water-based lubricants and how to use the lubricants safely to Love N’ Lube attendees.

‘ The purchase of gallons of lubricant was funded by an annual $1,000 grant given to the LGBT center from other LGBT centers around Boston. Each year, students vote on what to do with the grant money.

‘Last year we chose to do nude body sushi to promote healthy body images,’ event organizer and junior Christina Thomas said. ‘This year other ideas included a high-heeled drag race and an LGBT cruise.’

Tufts freshman Brian Sheehan said lubricant wrestling was a fun way to bring attention to the LGBT community and raise awareness about sexual health.’

‘[LGBT Center volunteers] are being very forward and open about a topic that is usually not even talked about,’ said Sheehan. ‘Most people on campus seem to be supportive of it. I’m sure there are some people that aren’t very excited or supportive, but they just chose not to come to the events.’

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