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Maybe their pizza was just cold?

The following reports were taken from the Boston Police Department Allston-Brighton District D-14 crime logs from Nov. 4 to 9.

Police responded to a robbery around 11:33 p.m. Nov. 9. Upon arrival, police spoke to a Dominoes delivery man who said he had been beaten up and robbed by five to six men after making a delivery to a North Beacon Street apartment. He said as he left the building, the men approached him and demanded his money. When he resisted, one man held him while another punched him in the face. The men then stole about $65 and the delivery man’s cell phone before running away.

Ain’t that a drag

An officer was flagged down by a pedestrian around 1:38 a.m. Nov. 8 to report an incident with a taxi driver. The woman told the officer that she and three friends were traveling in a taxi cab when they began to feel uncomfortable because the driver did not seem to know where he was going and was becoming irritable. The group told the driver to stop the cab so they could get out and started to exit the vehicle. As the third passenger was getting out of the cab, the driver suddenly sped away, dragging the woman along the ground. The fourth passenger was still inside the vehicle and yelled for the driver to stop. The driver then let him out before speeding away.’ ‘ ‘

A cop’s dream call

Officers responded to a report of a break in at a Dunkin Donuts around 4:20 a.m. Nov. 4. Upon officers’ arrival, a Dunkin Donuts employee said she found wires connecting to the security cameras hanging from the ceiling, where two panels had been removed, and the doors to the office where the safe is open. A man making a delivery to the store told police he entered with the employee and found that a freezer panel had been pried open from outside and created a gap big enough from a person to crawl through. When contacted, the store manager said she left about $2,500 in change for the store and $1,300 from sales in the safe.

McKnuckle Sandwich

Officers responded to a call of a stabbing at the Harvard Avenue McDonald’s around 6:19 p.m. Nov. 8. Upon arrival, officers met with a man who was being treated by the EMS in the back of the ambulance for a small laceration near his left eye. The man said two ‘white dudes’ walked up to him, yelled ‘F– Obama,’ called him a ‘sellout’ and a racial slur’ and stabbed him near his left eye. He said he did not know the mean were and after stabbing him, they continued walking down the street. An officer spoke to several employees and customers inside the McDonald’s, but no one said they noticed a stabbing or any other disturbance. Police noted that the man was highly intoxicated at the time. The EMS unit was suspicious that the cut had been made by a knife and said it could easily have been caused by a ring, fingernail or being punched.

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  1. Robert Canterbury

    Why do you find it necessary to make “funny” headlines about serious incidents. It belittles what are traumatic experiences to those effected.