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With Circus, Britney is back in the ring

Tuesday marked the release of Britney Spears” highly anticipated seventh album, Circus.’ The album, a follow up to the hugely successful 2007 album Blackout, has Spears collaborating with producers Max Martin, Danja, Bloodshy & Avant and Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, to name a few. The appropriately titled Circus, with its random compilation of tracks, mirrors the last two years of Spears’ chaotic life. Though it is said to be the ‘official comeback’ for the pop tart, it is not better than Blackout. The album’s clear effort to present a strong body of work continues Spears’ trend of dance-worthy music.

Unlike Blackout, Circus is an experiment with sound for Spears, hosting a variety of tracks. The album is chock-full of catchy hits, like the innuendo filled ‘If U Seek Amy,’ ‘Mannequin,’ and of course, its debut single ‘Womanizer.’ On top of a slew of infectious tracks, the album also has a decent number of songs like ‘Kill the Lights,’ ‘Shattered Glass,’ ‘Out From Under’ and ‘Unusual You’ that make up a supportive core for the album with their production value.’

On her previous album, Spears spared listeners from any ballads, but the same cannot be said of Circus. ‘Out From Under’ and ‘My Baby’ are both songs dedicated to her boys. Surprisingly, only one of them is a total flop. The sentimental slow songs seem out of place compared to the rest of the album. Though neither of them is as good as Spears’ ‘Mmm Papi’ or ‘Lace and Leather.’ Spears’ comeback might not pull the icon from the tabloids, but it will certainly give her career a purpose.

Massively publicized appearances and performances have Spears on the fast track back to the top. A world tour in 2009 should put the singer back on the map for good.

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