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Racy holiday stocking stuffers exhibited at GSU

The Boston University Women’s Resource Center hosted a holiday event on the naughtier side last week, providing gift advice and other information for those interested in toys definitely not made for kids.

The Vox Annual Sex Toy Party drew about 65 attendees Friday to view different toys and accessories and hear shopping advice about what to look for in adult toys. Megan Andelloux, director of the Sexuality Learning and Resource Centers in Providence, R.I., provided most of the information.

Voices for Choices, which is shortened to Vox, is BU’s student-run Planned Parenthood affiliate.

‘We’re talking about funny things,’ Andelloux told the crowd. ‘I expect embarrassment and giggling.’

Andelloux eased the tension by joking about a minor sex toy accident that happened on her way to BU.

‘The lube exploded,’ she said. ‘It was a little excited in the car ride.’

Andelloux covered a range of subjects from basic anatomy to urban myths to safety precautions used to avoid dangerous adult products. She also gave tips about how to best use the toys.

‘We all want to help each other feel good,’ she said.

Andelloux passed the sex toys around and spoke about different types of lubricant and vibrators. Water resistance, vibration settings, size, color, feel and multi-stimulation are some basic features Andelloux said people should look for when purchasing a sex toy.

‘Price doesn’t dictate how long it will last or how good it is,’ she said. ‘It’s all about finding what works best for you.’

Vox President Emily Partridge said the Sex Toy Party offered students information so they can be comfortable with their decisions and feel confident about their own sexualities.

‘Safe sex is fun sex,’ Partridge, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, said. ‘Sexuality shouldn’t be defined by other people.’

Good Vibrations, a Boston-area sex toy store, sponsored the party, but no sex toys were sold.

‘We want people to walk away and have learned something,’ Women’s Center co-director Liz Metzger, a Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences senior, said. The two-months-old Women’s Center hosted the annual Vox event, which focused on safe sex last year, for the first time in its new facility in the George Sherman Union basement.

Attendees said that though they found the event’s subject matter uncomfortable at times, the atmosphere was relaxed.

‘It was a really good environment,’ CAS junior Liz Peyton said. ‘It was funny, interesting, and really informative and never awkward. It didn’t discriminate.’

CAS junior Xu Xu said she ‘loved’ the party because it addressed something ‘you don’t really hear talked about.’

Organizers said though the Sex Toy Party is held annually, the party changes from year to year, depending on the sponsor and the host. Although Andelloux hosted last year, this party was slightly different. College of General Studies sophomore Eileen O’Hara said last year’s party was more about safe sex.

SAR senior Monique Dawes said she enjoyed the party for its hands-on approach.

‘I really liked it, and actually seeing the toys,’ she said.

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