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STAFF EDIT: Not a healthy choice

In 2006, Massachusetts became the first state to mandate health care coverage for all residents. To make health insurance as affordable as possible, state-subsidized low cost plans are available for those who qualify financially. However, not everyone has access to these less expensive plans.’ Since 1989, college students have been required to purchase health insurance that meet the standards of the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program and subsequently are prevented from taking part in a more affordable state-subsidized plan that is cheaper and has higher standards of coverage.

It is unacceptable for students’ health care standards to be lower than the standards for all other Massachusetts citizens. College students get sick and injured just as frequently as the rest of the adults in Massachusetts and are entitled to the same care. If students are not included in the 2006 mandate,then QSHIP standards need to be raised to meet the new benchmarks.’

‘ As college tuitions increase, it’s not fair to ask students to pay more for their health insurance than the rest of the state. College students in Massachusetts pay taxes and serve on juries just like everyone who qualifies for the cheaper insurance plan. They deserve the same amount of coverage.’ ‘

Inadequate health care coverage presents students with a dangerous choice: to see a doctor and be faced with enormous medical bills, or hope their condition takes care of itself. Choosing the latter might only make their situation worse and require more expensive procedures in the future.

Boston University may offer plans that exceed current state coverage requirements, but students at other colleges may not be as fortunate. If Massachusetts truly wants to offer all of its citizens quality health care coverage at an affordable price, then it must not discriminate against college students.’

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