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Growing up, I was raised to be vocal about the things I believe in. For me, that’s good pop music, and good pop music, my friends, comes from across the pond, where people are passionate for pop. European pop is the equivalent of enjoying a genuine Mexican Pina Colada on the beach in Mexico: mind-blowingly sweet (though unabashedly cheesy) yet, still one of the best things you ever could have asked for. Why? Because it’s authentic.

With the current American top 40 soundscape, 2009 looks like it could quickly shape up to be the year of the European crossover. Lady GaGa, Britney and even Kanye reinvigorated the Billboard Hot 100 with Euro-pop-esque tunes in the past few months. The time has come for America to catch on to the original recipe: Euro-pop.

Of course the U.K. is one of the main proprietors of the pop machine; we are already guaranteed album releases from Lily Allen, the Arctic Monkeys and Depeche Mode in the months to come, but other Euro-pop tarts are sure to crash our sound waves as well. Girl band The Saturdays are among some of the acts slated to make a stateside debut, especially now that Nickelodeon’s iCarly (ugh) has (horrendously) covered one of the group’s monstrous hits. As the MUSE’s first pop culture analyst and former editor, I vow to track the voyages across the pond of those who are soon to be our favorites as well as keep you informed of stateside celebrity mayhem. Stay tuned and prepare yourselves for the Euro-pop invasion of 2009.

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