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I’ve never had the self control to keep a new year’s resolution. Last year’s commitment to get in shape left me in tears binge-eating Domino’s by January 4th. So this year, rather than torture myself with the dieting, hours of studying and overall depression caused by the resolutions I choose, I decided, instead, to pick one I knew I could keep: go to more concerts (okay, and maybe go to FitRec, like, once this semester).

For those of you thinking, ‘yeah, I should go to more shows too’ or ‘hey, I’d rather bust out the ‘Single Ladies’ dance I’ve been practicing for months than run for a half hour on the treadmill,’ here are three concerts to check out to keep you entertained and your resolution rolling . . . at least until the end of January.

Mighty Mystic (Paradise, 1/17) ‘- Reggae dubmaster and Boston local whose standout track ‘Here I Am’ features the smooth voices of Shaggy and Lelie and ups the party atmosphere a few notches.’ His Jamaican heat and reggae rhythms will make all thoughts of snow and freezing temperatures melt away, even if just for a few hours.

Metallica (TD Banknorth Garden, 1/18) ‘- There is no doubt that the Metallica resurrection has torn up everything from guitar riffs to record sales, making their US tour one of the most talked about this year.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ This is a must see for any hard rock fan or anyone who appreciates talented musicianship and a stellar performance.

Pretty Lights (Paradise, 1/29) ‘- Two reasons I want to check out this group’s performance: 1) I have downloaded all of their albums and listened to them on repeat for the past month, and 2) I am curious to see how someone dances to down-tempo hip-hop electronica.’ The group, opening for STS9, is worth checking out and whether you want to dance up a storm or kick back and chill, these pretty lights are definitely mesmerising.

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