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Snap, crackle … POP!

In the past few months, music award shows have come and gone. The Video Music Awards was once again The Britney Show. The American Music Awards telecast hasn’t been the same since an inebriated Anna Nicole introduced Kanye West (damn, we miss her). The Country Music Awards are cool if you like country, I guess . . .

However, this Sunday the Grand Poobah of music award shows airs on CBS: the 51st Annual Grammy Awards. Typically the ‘classiest’ of the music awards, even the seediest of popstars, rock stars and rappers try to clean up in their finest Armani duds. The Grammys provide artists like Miley Cyrus with an opportunity to show the world that she’s more than the trashy girl we see in her Asian-channeling, boob-flashing MySpace photos.

However, there is always the exception to this rule. J.Lo, for example, broke the non-skank clause when she wore the infamous ‘dress’ to the Grammys a few years back. Come on, Jenn. I already saw your hoo-has in the ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ video (moment of silence for Mrs. Anthony’s last good single); you don’t have to put the twins on display at such a prestigious award show!

Regardless of fashion, props must be given for some of the Grammy nominations this year. Lil Wayne and Radiohead both received well-deserved Album of the Year nods. And although T-Pain got chopped and screwed out of a Best Album nod, he did get a few noms for two of his million guest appearances, with Flo Rida and Lil Wayne, respectively.

MUSE darling Lady GaGa also earned a Best Dance Recording nomination, but as much as we love the disco diva, nothing would make us happier than if Sam Sparro won for his delicious song ‘Black and Gold,’ perhaps one of the best singles of last year! Admittedly it’s no ‘Just Dance,’ but the Aussie crooner’s debut is just as magical.

Also facing off for Best Electronic Album are Kylie Minogue and Robyn. Minogue’s been keeping the gays happy for years with her frothy electropop, but if she were to win such an award it really should be for 1998’s ‘Impossible Princess,’ the darkest and most innovative Kylie album, which never even saw release in America. Therefore, this award hands down belongs to Sweden’s peroxide pop princess, Robyn, who successfully reinvented herself with one of the best electro albums of 2008. Listen to ‘With Every Heartbeat’ and try not to shed a tear, OK? Thanks.

This year’s show boasts performances from T.I. to the Jo Bros. so it should make for an eclectic evening. Even Miley and Taylor Swift are making a peace offering (read: publicity stunt) and performing together. They should really just tag team Joe Jonas live on stage. Is it wrong that we’d watch?

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