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Artist arrested for local graffiti

The artist responsible for the popular ‘Hope’ posters of President Barack Obama may also be responsible for illegal graffiti on the Boston University Bridge, according to Boston Police Department officials.

Prominent street artist Shepard Fairey was arrested around 9:15 p.m. on Friday night in Boston after police linked him to two graffiti images, one on the Boston University Bridge and another near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Newbury Street, BPD Officer James Kenneally said. He was on his way to a sold-out performance as a guest disc-jockey at the Institute of Contemporary Art when he was arrested.

Fairey was wanted on two warrants of property damage by graffiti in Roxbury and Brighton, Kenneally said. The graffiti in question depicts a stylized face with the word ‘obey’ beneath it.

Officers were able to link Fairey to two graffiti spots by his signature tag of a stenciled image of wrestler Andre the Giant, Kenneally said.

Fairey, who lives in Los Angeles, achieved fame last year after creating the well-known red, white and blue image of Barack Obama. His artwork is currently featured in an exhibit at the ICA, titled ‘Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand.”

Fairey made bail on Saturday morning, according to a Feb. 8 Boston Globe article. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning, Kenneally said.

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