Editor’s Note

The economic downturn has affected everything from Wall Street to Main Street, so it was only a matter of time before it hit Beacon Street, and The Daily Free Press too began to feel the pinch. As such, it has become necessary to temporarily discontinue print editions of Friday newspapers for the Free Press to continue to provide news to the campus community well after the recession is over.

The Daily Free Press made drastic cutbacks in fall 2007 because of a decline in ad revenue, and although our situation has improved, it is not fully remedied. In order to maintain our status as a purely student-run and independent newspaper, we must take care to cushion ourselves against a debt that could threaten that status in the future. The Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc. Board of Trustees, which is made up of former and current editors who oversee the paper’s business operations, had the Free Press’s long-term interests at heart when it voted to put Friday content online until the economic danger has passed.

This change will take effect this Friday, but the Free Press staff will remain committed to providing quality content to our readers. We will also take advantage of multimedia opportunities, such as blogs and an expanded online photo section.

The Daily Free Press will remain the voice of the BU student community, and we are taking care to be sure it will remain so long after we’ve left this stretch of Commonwealth Avenue. Check back in thirty years. We’ll be here.


Sydney Lupkin


The Daily Free Press

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