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LETTER: Cyrus must apologize

Miley Cyrus has drawn the ire of Asian-American interest groups like the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Japanese American Citizens League for her inappropriate slant-eye poses, but what’s most disappointing is the lack of anger from any other groups. This deafening silence is just as repulsive as the act itself. Not speaking out simply legitimizes and condones this type of racist behavior. Taunting and mocking someone’s immutable characteristics is especially inappropriate and unacceptable for such a public figure. What’s worse is Cyrus’ fan base of impressionable young persons. Miley Cyrus must offer an appropriate apology to Asian Pacific Americans and to her fans. She must clearly say that taunting and mocking others is unacceptable behavior.

The possibility of missing out on the Kid’s Choice Awards isn’t enough. If Miley Cyrus won’t apologize, maybe the Oscars should apologize instead – not for slant-eyed poses but by keeping Cyrus off the red carpet later this month.

Tori Miyagi

CAS ’12


  1. OK – try this. All of the Miley supporters – at your place of work or school where you shop – make this face in front of a lot of people. See what their reactions will be and if your behavior is acceptable. <p/>If you support Miley’s actions then you should do it as well.<p/>Won’t do it? Then you are a coward. A hypocrite.

  2. The OCA did nore to promote racism than Miley ever did. No one where I live consider Miley act racist, not until the OCA said something. Now when my girlfriend who is asian, goes to the Mall, some of the other girls who don’t like her make the slant eye face to her. They never did that before.<br/>THANK’s OCA. Maybe you should remember, sometimes slience is Golden.

  3. DELIBERATE OPPRESSION OUT WEIGHS A TENAGERS BAD ACT- Yet remains Untold<br/>I for one doubt if Miley Cyrus intended to offend. But the fact that her act offended some means, she and OTHERS should be more aware of ouyr actions. Isn’t it great that the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Japanese American Citizens League can say they are offended, and media will carry the story?<p/>Something is wrong when the poor of all skin tones, tells of oppression and governmental abuse of power against them, and nothing gets a letter to the editors mention. The poor, or those who as work hard as allowed, only to be underpaid have their own letters to the editors censored when they speak of Unconstitutional abuses.<br/> <br/>This is not just a bad choice made by a celbrity its unamerican action which are unreported, because the media protects the government. Seeing as this has half of a chance of reaching real people. I am a Maine advocate against poverty and homelesness. <p/>The abuse of power which happens in every state which has the last hope of General Relief. It occurs is the laws governing such, are changed at the time of application. People cannot cry out to fix this unconstitutional action by our local leaders, as they are not told about it . <p/> If you apply for aid and are denied. Check it out with overworked Legal Aid. If you wonder what Bad application has to do with a college student, what happens if that art degree does not open a good job? What happens if futher down the road you get sick and can not work? You can be victimized by this imposed silenced, that is what happens.<br/>Check out http://www.hospitalityhouseofmaine.org to End Poverty<br/>I am in the hopes that a liberal college might spread the word that in the new england states and any other state with Town Aid, or General Relief Eligble people are being turned away.<br/>I speak not just of apathy of the masses As with Miles Cyrus bad but even innocent action. I speak about imposed silence of the deliberate unconstitutional actions of our leaders.

  4. get over it.

  5. YOU WACKO!!!<br/>Why is everyone so PC nowadays? Why can’t a joke just be that? Though I don’t think Cyrus even knows what she’s doing.<br/>Lighten Up!

  6. Sent the letters stating that you will not promote a racist. I will never buy nor sell a product of Miley Cyrus EVER.