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LETTER: Stop blaming Union

Really, Daily Free Press?’ Really?

Here’s a thought: Instead of blindly accepting administration rationale for opposing an amnesty policy, why don’t you advocate for change? Why not offer to help the Boston University Student Union garner support for something which very realistically could save student lives?

How about performing your function as an independent student newspaper? Why not challenge administration claims that BU’s amnesty policy ‘supposedly has medical amnesty unofficially built-in,’ instead of just believing it (‘STAFF EDIT: Amnesty not a cure-all,’ Feb. 9)? (After all, if that were true, why would administrators oppose making amnesty official?) Why not grill the Office of the Dean of Students on why this issue has been delayed for so long, instead of somehow making the delay the Union’s fault? And why not, for once, support the Union in its goal of improving the quality of life for students here, instead of just criticizing it without offering anything useful in return?

The Union is far from perfect. But as a certain anti-Daily Free Press web blog of two years ago should remind you, constant criticism without any sort of appreciation for hard work borders on the offensive.’

Maybe administrators would take the amnesty policy and other Union initiatives more seriously if you actually inspired the student body to support them for once.

Stephen Henrick

CAS ’09

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  1. William J. Skocpol

    The Student Life Task Force (co-Chairs Dean Elmore and Prof. Volk )has just finished working on a policy that greatly extends your personal privacy regarding academic and disciplinary issues (a revised interpretation of how to apply the federal Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act at BU), and sent that policy for adoption. That is what they have been working on. Amnesty is next on their plate, I am told. Good policy takes time to do right.<p/>Prof. Skocpol