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LETTER: Union integrity questioned

I am not one to typically agree with The Daily Free Press when it comes to its criticisms of the Boston University Student Union. However, I am in complete agreement about the criticism directed toward the Union regarding the decisions made at the General Assembly meeting on Monday (‘STAFF EDIT: Beanpot shuts out Union,’ Feb. 11). Never in my three years as a GA member have I witnessed such complete and utter disregard for the basic principles that are outlined in the Union constitution. It was absolutely absurd for the Executive Board to make the decision to continue with the meeting in the absence of quorum. Without the sufficient number of voting members present, a GA meeting cannot even be called to order. The Executive Board does not have the authority to ignore such basic rules and make such a decision. If the proposals that had to be voted on were as important as has been claimed, the meeting should have been rescheduled. The Executive Board should have anticipated low attendance due to the Terriers playing in the final round of the Beanpot (many members of the Cabinet were even absent). The rescheduling of a GA meeting is not unprecedented, but such a violation is.

I understand that Union President Matt Seidel would like to demonstrate to BU students that the Union is trying to create real change to positively affect their lives, and this of course is an admirable goal. However, it should not come at the expense of the constitution. In my opinion, it is the integrity of the Union that is on the line.

Hersh Parekh

SMG ’09 / CAS ’09

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