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Just like real love, love songs are equally as complicated. As we approach the annual holiday of love, The MUSE has taken the liberty of dissecting the four major types of love songs to get you through your Valentine’s Day, whether you’re spending it with that special someone, or experiencing it vicariously through your roommate and her boyfriend on the other side of your bedroom wall.

The Face Value: This is the most basic love song since it is simply about being madly in love. There’s no confusion over whether you and your partner are exclusive or just ‘together’ and no worrying if your girlfriend hooked up with that guido at Mantra. In this type of love song, every day is like poppin’ bottles of champagne while feasting on strawberries and chocolate upon satin sheets in your spacious Warren Towers single.

Ryan Leslie ‘-‘- ‘Addiction’ ‘-‘- The hitmaker behind Cassie croons about an intoxicating love over a slick R&B beat.

Walter Meego ‘-‘- ‘In My Dreams’ ‘-‘- The Chicago duo gives their electronic take on what it’s like to be in love. Naturally, ‘swimming in the sky’ is involved.

Jamie Lidell ‘-‘- ‘Another Day’ ‘-‘- This pop/soul diddy by British singer Jamie Lidell is the equivalent of Amy Winehouse sans the drugs and the messy relationship with Blake, incarcerated.

The Emo: Perfected by Avril Lavigne, ‘the emo’ is for those who are pining for a lover. The song is either about loneliness, wanting someone who doesn’t even know you exist or wanting someone who’s just not interested in you. Between us, The MUSE is pretty sure we spotted a girl crying on Greylock Street Saturday night, her iPod illuminated with Katy Perry’s ‘Thinking Of You.’ Don’t tell the hipsters!

Chris Isaak ‘-‘- ‘Wicked Game’ ‘-‘- A classic about that certain game player who you just can’t quit.

MSTRKRFT ‘-‘- ‘Easy Love’ ‘-‘- Yeah, it’s a dance song, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have heart. Robotic vocals beg to be loved over a pulsing electro beat.

Robbie Williams ‘-‘- ‘Feel’ ‘-‘- Robbie shares his fears of being alone on this single from his ‘Escapalogy’ album.

The Celine: Best exemplified by the likes of Celine Dion, this is the heartbroken love song, which encompasses lost loves due to break-ups, death, distance, drugs, war, fraternity and sorority mixers . . . the usual. The good news is, there always seems to be’ a light at the end of the tunnel. Our hearts will go on indeed.

Annie ‘-‘- ‘Heartbeat’ ‘-‘- Her boyfriend died, but Norweigan DJ-turned-singer Annie, still knows how to make a haunting song about the dearly departed enjoyable.

blink-182 ‘-‘- ‘I Miss You’ ‘-‘- A classic blink track. We missed them, but hey! They’re back!

Todd Rundgren ‘-‘- ‘Can We Still Be Friends?’ ‘-‘- Post-break-up friendship is a nice thought, but extremely unrealistic. Mr. Rundgren would beg to differ.

The Jenna: Named in honor of everyone’s favorite ‘actress,’ The MUSE cannot go into too much detail about this type of ‘love’ song because we are not that, ahem, type of publication. A combination of a sultry beat and sexual lyrics make this the type of love song that makes you want to do incredibly inappropriate things with your lover ‘-‘- or the stranger at the bar.

Aaliyah ‘-‘- ‘Rock The Boat’ ‘-‘- One of Aaliyah’s final singles, the track is one of her sultriest.

Britney Spears ‘-‘- ‘Breathe On Me’ ‘-‘- The most hypnotic track Britney has ever recorded finds the poptart moaning, ‘Just put your lips together, and blow.’

Paula Cole ‘-‘- ‘Feelin’ Love’ ‘-‘- Disregard her ‘Dawnson’s Creek’ theme song, on ‘Feelin’ Love’ Ms. Cole sings about ‘sticky pistols’ and ‘the amazon’ running between her thighs. Jealous??

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