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LETTER: Union president apologizes

At the last General Assembly meeting, there were multiple proposals going up to a vote. Among them was a plan to help fix the potential problems in the College of Arts and Sciences class registration system, which Anant Shukla and others have worked on by discussing the issue with administrators and students. Another proposal was in regards to allowing advocacy-related student groups to request small funds from the Boston University Student Union.’

When we were short a few members for quorum, I personally worried that a delay of two weeks would endanger the academic proposal having enough time to help students before the next semester. Also, I worried about groups who might need money within the next two weeks who wouldn’t be able to get the funds even if they had no other options.

So I pushed the idea of having a vote of the present members and then sending out an e-mail to the members who had not attended. At the time, I thought this was a fair compromise, but I was wrong. What I did was a mistake and should not have occurred.’

At the next General Assembly, all the proposals that were voted on during the previous meeting will be voted on again, in accordance with the constitution. I will also briefly apologize again for what I did. The members of the Union are among the hardest working people I’ve met at BU, and they are often the unsung heroes of the progress we see. I regret that my lapse in judgment has offended them and damaged the Union’s reputation.’

I take full responsibility for this mistake and will work even harder to help Union members with their initiatives and speak to students around campus about the important issues currently in debate, from academic advising to medical amnesty. I am passionately dedicated to helping improve the BU community, but I was wrong and I want to take this opportunity to take full responsibility for what happened. I hope that my error will not deter from the good work Union members are currently doing or from the initiatives in progress that will help our community grow stronger.’

So once again, I apologize for the problems my good intentions caused and hope we can now rally behind the goals that are within our sights this semester.

Matt Seidel

Student Union President

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